Valentines Day Gift Guide For Him


I was looking for Valentines Day gift ideas a few weeks ago for my boyfriend and I stumbled upon the cutest idea on Pinterest. The idea is you get him five small gifts that represent each of senses. So for Taste you could get him tasty gummy candy fish and for Touch you could give him a super cozy sherpa flannel blanket. I gave this blanket to my boyfriend for a chirstmas gift in red and he LOVES it. For smell you could give him body soap or after shave cream that smells like bourbon cider. If your man loves music then a shower radio that connects to bluetooth is perfect for sound. Lastly for Sight this hidden message tie has a secret pocket on the inside that hold tiny heart shape notes. There is even a 15% off code on their website until 2/14! If you are still looking for last minute gift ideas for your girlfriend check this out, and dont wait till the day of till make dinner reservations!

  1. Nike Joggers

2. Heart Socks

3. Patagonia Half Zip Pullover

4. Shaving Cream   

5. Flannel Blanket 

6. Conversation Heart Boxer Briefs These are sold out online but still aviable in stores!

7. Exfoliating Bar Soap

8. Candy Fish Gummies 

9. Shower Bluetooth Radio

10.Hidden Love Note Tie

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