Aga Fashion Design, a small, independent Indonesian fashion design company, has developed an innovative textile called “The Mesh” to help the world stay fit.

    The textile is made of woven polyester yarn that is used for clothing, footwear and accessories.

    The fabric can be worn all day and can also be woven into garments for accessories.

    Aga Fashion Designer and founder, Akim Wiranto, said the textile’s design has been influenced by his upbringing.

    “I wanted to do something that was inspired by my upbringing and to bring it to the world,” Wiranto said.

    “I wanted the textile to be able to be worn everyday, but also to be made into accessories, so that we could be able wear our clothes with pride.”

    Wiranto said he believes the textile could also be used to help improve the health of people living in Indonesia’s Far East.

    “The Mesh textile is a new textile in Indonesia, it’s a new technology,” Wireanto said.

    “People in the Far East are very tired of wearing tight jeans and tight shirts, but they can’t wear the mesh because it’s too tight.”

    If we can make the mesh more comfortable, people can wear it, so they can have a more comfortable life.

    “There are people who have been doing it for generations and they have not been able to wear it in their everyday life.”

    Wireanto has designed a pattern for the mesh and has been using it to design products for other designers.

    He said he hoped the textile would become a global phenomenon.

    “We will see if people will pay attention to it or not,” Wiresanto said, adding that he hopes it will help improve health.

    “My goal is to give the world more flexibility in clothes,” Wirisanto said of his textile.

    “It is a way to help our bodies stay strong and healthy.”

    Wirisanto has launched the mesh in his hometown of Pusan in the North East of Indonesia.

    The company is currently selling 100,000 pieces of the textile at the local market.

    Agapat Pongkarn, a fashion designer in Jakarta, has also created a mesh textile.

    She said the mesh textile was inspired in part by her own experience.

    “As a fashion design student, I have always wanted to create something like this,” Pongjarn said.

    Pongjern has been working with the company for the past three years to design the textile.

    “It’s like a natural product, but with a new twist,” she said.

    The textile can be used as a replacement for cotton, synthetics and other fabrics in the everyday life of the people in Indonesia.

    “Our product is a sustainable solution for the environment,” Pongsjarn added.


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