wang designer Wang has made a name for herself as a fashion designer, selling a range of her creations online.

    But the fashion designer has now set up a new business to cater to women.

    Ms Wang’s website,, features a range for women, from a collection of traditional lingerie to a collection for those with a more feminine shape.

    She also offers a range in her own name, such as WANG FASHION, which has been described as “the perfect choice for the women who want to be more confident”.

    Ms Wang told the ABC she decided to create a business that would cater to female customers, rather than just men.

    “I thought that we should cater to more female customers and I thought that women are going to wear more feminine clothes, so they would be more comfortable,” she said.

    “It would be a good opportunity to get women more involved in the business, because women’s clothing is the most popular item in the stores and I think it’s a good place to start.”

    The concept is just to try to cater for women.

    “She said the business was a way to introduce her to a wider market, rather then focusing on a specific demographic.”

    You have to give the female customers a chance to experience a different product, because it’s only about men,” she explained.”

    So I thought we should offer a range to women, not just a male range.

    “Wang Fashion’s latest offering is a collection called “Wang,” which includes a collection that is tailored to fit the body of a woman, or a man.”

    A lot of times men wear jeans and women wear a suit and that’s not the case,” Ms Wang said.”[The women’s range] is tailored specifically for the different body types, which is really a good way to differentiate the products.

    “A range of wang clothing for women and men available on the site.

    Ms Wilson said women were very happy with the range and were more than happy to spend money on a range they could get at home.”

    Women are definitely more willing to pay a little more, so I think that’s really good for the business,” she added.”

    If you have to spend a little bit more, then it’s worth it because you get a lot of good quality.”‘

    I think the ladies are ready’There’s been a lot more emphasis on women’s fashion in recent years, with fashion trends such as tank tops, shorts and yoga pants increasing in popularity.”

    When you’re looking at what women are doing, you’re not necessarily looking at women’s clothes.

    You’re looking for a little change in the clothes they’re wearing,” Ms Wilson said.

    She said she hoped the new business would help women to express themselves more.”

    Wang is not a business where I’m making money for the customers, I’m not a profit maker, but I think the females are ready for a new look,” she told the BBC.”

    They’ve been waiting for it and I’m excited to share that with them.