American fashion design toys and accessories maker American Fashion Brands Inc. (AFB) has unveiled its new line of apparel, jewelry and accessories.

    The company, which has been working on a new line for a few years now, announced on Tuesday that it will launch the line in the U.S. in 2020.

    The brand will debut two pieces: the AFFB Pendant of the Month Club, a bracelet that looks like a miniature version of a pendant of jewelry that can be attached to a person’s wrist, and the AEF Tuxedo, which looks like an oversized, black, gold and silver Tux that can also be worn over a dress or dress pants.

    AFB also unveiled the AFTD Beads Collection, a collection of a variety of beads and designs inspired by classic Hollywood movies, including the “Star Wars” films, the “Transformers” series and more.

    AFD CEO, Brian E. Dorsett, said in a statement that the line is designed to provide consumers with “the highest quality, affordable and functional fashion accessories for all seasons and occasion.”

    The company plans to sell a limited number of the AAFD Pendant Club and AFFD Tux.

    The AFFT Bead Collection will be available for purchase in March 2020, with the Pendant and Tux limited to 100,000 pieces each.

    AFBC will begin selling the AFAF Pendant in July, with a Pendant limited to 50,000 items.

    The Pendant is priced at $19.99 and the Tux is $49.99.