The designer behind Aria, Aria Sohayasan, is planning to launch a new line, Arias Fashion Accessories, in January, with the goal of bringing a new “fashion” aesthetic to the world of accessories.

    According to the designer, the line will bring a “modern, contemporary, and fresh look” to the category of accessories, and will be a “premium” brand in its own right.

    The new line will include a range of accessories for men and women that “will enhance your style,” according to the Arias website.

    The company claims to be the first to offer “fashion accessories that are affordable, easy to care for, and designed for everyday wear.”

    In addition to the new line from Arias, Ariahs products will be available in three new countries: Canada, United Kingdom, and the United States.

    The products in the new Aria range include a collection of men’s and women’s clothing, accessories, footwear, and accessories for the home.

    The “fashion products” in the Aria line include men’s jackets, hats, sunglasses, gloves, and men’s tops.

    Aria has been developing its “fashion collection” as an effort to broaden the appeal of its existing product lineup.

    Arias founder and CEO, Ari Sohaysan, told The Hollywood Reporter in an interview that the new collection will be aimed at “everyone from the everyday person to the top-notch fashion designer.”

    The designer says that his goal for the new product line is to make it accessible to “everyday people who are looking for something new.”

    “We want to make sure that we make it affordable, affordable and affordable,” Arias CEO said.

    “And we want to create something that everyone will love.”

    The new “fashions” collection, which will debut in January at an undisclosed time, will include products for men’s clothes, men’s coats, men`s coats and coats, and a range for women.

    Ariasa has already launched its men’s jacket line and is working on a range to sell through its online store.

    The Arias brand also recently launched its women’s line, which includes a range designed to appeal to both men and girls.

    The women’s collection features a range inspired by the modern female body.

    The designer also said that he plans to make the women’s products “sexy” with the aim of making them “cooler and more stylish.”

    “The goal is to create the look that will appeal to the fashionistas who are into all things beautiful and beautiful and sexy,” Ari Sohaasan said.

    The upcoming Arias products will likely be limited to only a few million pieces each.