Bolivians are still reeling from the recent political crisis, which saw the resignation of President Evo Morales as well as several other elected leaders, but fashion designers are optimistic that things will return to normal soon.

    According to the Bolivarian Fashion Designer Association (BAFA), the country has seen an exponential increase in fashion designers since Morales’s resignation in November 2016.

    However, BFA says it is important to note that this trend is not going away anytime soon.

    “The fashion industry is undergoing a huge transformation, and there are many more opportunities for young designers and fashion designers in the coming years.

    It is only right that the industry and the designers are allowed to develop and advance their own talent,” the association’s President Juan Carlos Martínez told TechRadars.”

    This is a good thing, but not enough,” he added.BFA says that in 2016, the industry was worth about $200 million, but in 2017, the market value dropped to just $20 million.

    The association hopes to see a more sustainable return to the market in 2018.

    “We are hopeful that the market will recover to normal in the next few years, but the trend is still very volatile,” Martínes said.

    “This will not be a short-term recovery.

    We hope that we can continue this trend for several more years.”

    Martínehos and other members of the industry say the market is recovering as well, but he said that many of the young designers who have started to make a name for themselves are still finding it difficult to make money.

    “It is still hard for young people who are entering the industry to find jobs, so they have to stay in school,” Martín said.

    “In addition, the price of living in the country is high.

    It’s hard for people who can’t afford the rent to move here, because they have no other options.”


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