Fashion designer Chanel’s fashion label has come under fire for its appropriation of the controversial Trump logo.

    In a post to the Chanel Instagram account, the company announced the release of a “Trump T-Shirt” which features a mock-up of the President.

    The shirt features a blue border with a red silhouette of the word TRUMP printed across the front.

    The tagline reads, “Donald Trump is the only real leader who will keep our country safe.”

    Chanel said the “Trump Shirt” was inspired by Trump’s recent visit to the US.

    “The message of the shirt is to say that the president is the one who will protect us from the danger of global warming and globalisation,” the post read.

    “Our slogan is: We are all Americans.”

    The tweet came just days after the US President told reporters at a joint press conference with French President Emmanuel Macron that the Paris climate deal “does not make any sense” and “doesn’t help anybody.”

    Trump and Macron have been feuding on Twitter since May, when the President accused the French President of wanting to “open up” the Paris Agreement.

    “I think Paris is a very bad deal,” Trump said.

    “And it’s not even fair.

    It’s not fair at all.”

    Macron has repeatedly accused the US president of trying to “undermine” the US economy, claiming he would have had the French leader killed if he had proposed the agreement.

    “He wants to open up the world and make it more open.

    This is a terrible deal.

    It has nothing to do with the Paris Accord,” Macron said.

    Macron’s office later responded to the Trump tweet, saying that Macron’s comments were “taken out of context.”

    Chanels website also featured a mockup of a Donald Trump shirt that featured the word “TRUMP” printed across it.

    Chanel has since deleted the shirt, but the message remained on the Chanels Instagram page.

    Chanels spokesperson, Michael Cucchiarelli, told The Daily Beast the shirt “was a joke and we were not planning to take it down.”

    “We’re going to keep the shirt on the site.

    I can’t say much more.”

    “Chanel, a brand whose mission is to empower women and girls, has chosen to embrace the message of Donald Trump, a man who has made it clear that women and minorities should be considered second class citizens,” said Cucchis statement.

    “We stand with the people of the United States and its women and are proud to be a part of Chanel, one of the world’s most beautiful brands.”