In June, fashion designer and fashion critic Kate Winslet is expected to release her first collection of her own, called Cotton and Nail, which is part of a larger collection of styles and designs designed to celebrate the growing popularity of women in the industry.

    In a statement, the fashion house said that the collection will hit retailers in the coming months, including Forever 21 and the Gap.

    “It’s a collection of a few of the best, boldest, most beautiful women I’ve ever seen and they’re all about the intersection of art and fashion,” Winslet said in a statement.

    “I’m so grateful for their support and understanding of what I do.

    These are not just my clothes.

    They’re also a collection that will change how we see each other as people, and that’s a powerful message for a lot of women who work in the field.”

    The collection includes two gowns inspired by the iconic 1964 film “Citizen Kane” and two dresses by the French designer Giselle Bélanger, which the fashion world has described as the first couture couture.

    “The Cotton and Nadine collection is an exploration of the creative expression of women’s bodies, in a world where fashion is the new reality,” said the statement.

    The collection is available to purchase through Forever 21, Gap, the Gap + Company, The Gap Store, Target and select other retailers.


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