A fashion designer who made a video of herself dancing on the wall at a New York Fashion Week fashion show has sued her boss, alleging that he pressured her into making the video.

    In a lawsuit filed Monday in Manhattan federal court, the designer, whose real name is Kati Hargrove, said her boss forced her to make the video in response to a complaint from an unnamed client.

    She said the video was posted on the Web, and she then had to find a new job because of the pressure.

    She claims that in March, after Hargrock, a former executive producer for Vogue, posted the video on Instagram, he contacted her and said that he wanted to hire her because she was the first person to have made a dance video on the site, and that he thought she was a good fit for his company.

    Hargroves lawsuit alleges that she refused to do the dance because it was inappropriate, but that Vogue told her to take a vacation.

    The suit also claims that Vulture, the magazine Hargroyd founded, made it clear to Hargrovve that it would not consider the video for publication, and it said in a statement that it did not have the resources to cover the cost of production.

    “Vulture’s goal was to showcase the talent of its writers and editors,” the statement said.

    “The video did not fulfill that goal.

    The company felt that it was time to step back from publication and let Kati explore her creative outlet with a new set of eyes.”

    Hargroys video has received more than 8 million views and more than 15 million likes, making it one of the most-liked videos on Instagram.

    It has also been viewed more than two million times on YouTube, according to the company.

    In her lawsuit, Hargreaves says that after the video went viral, Vogue asked her to reconsider the job offer because of her public statements, but she refused because she had already taken a vacation and had been dealing with health issues.

    The lawsuit claims that she received death threats.

    Vogue declined to comment on Hargrogve’s lawsuit.

    The fashion designer has previously sued Vogue magazine and a male Vogue photographer, claiming that he was harassed for years and that Vue magazine made it appear that he had been fired.

    In December, a federal jury awarded him $25 million in damages.

    Hagroves also sued a photographer for $2.5 million and the designer of a fashion show, who said he was forced to remove his dress after she refused his request to stop filming.

    The suit also alleges that in February 2016, the fashion designer posted a video on YouTube in which she danced and posed for a picture with the male model.

    The video went up quickly on YouTube and drew more than 9.3 million views.

    Hags lawsuit alleges the video showed that the designer was “a strong feminist, and a strong champion of women.”

    She also alleges in the suit that the male photographer had to hire a “nurse” to help with her “mental health” after she reported that the men in his group had sexually harassed her.

    The lawsuit says that V magazine had “a clear policy not to publish, promote or promote any video in which a female performer was not in a sexual or erotic position or otherwise engaged in sexual activity.”

    Hargraves claims that the Vogue editorial team was aware of the videos but decided to not publish them because of concerns that it might offend or offend Vogue’s “core audience.”

    Hagroys lawsuit also alleges she was fired after the fashion designers company asked her for $500,000 in salary, and then for the rest of her job security.

    Haggroves has said in the past that she felt like her career was over after Vogue dismissed her in February.HAGROVE’S LAWYER: How does a video about dancing on a wall make money?

    Read more”When Vogue was deciding to dismiss me, they told me that the reason they were terminating me was that I had created a video that was sexually explicit,” Hargrot said.

    “I said, ‘Well, I’m not a sexual predator.

    Read the full story.”

    Hargrot was a member of Vogue for about 10 years.HARRISON: What’s the story behind the Vulture video?

    Read the full story.


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