FASHION designer cakes and doll-shaped dolls are among the items up for grabs on the online auction site Taobao, which was launched last week.

    The site allows people to bid on products ranging from fashion designer cakes to pet-shaped plush dolls, which are sold with fur coats and plush fur accessories.

    In the past, online auctions of pet-like toys have been very successful, with buyers paying a whopping $30 to $60 to bid for them.

    But online sellers on Taoboo are starting to focus on a different market: fur coats.

    “There is no doubt that the furry fandom has exploded in popularity over the past year, and as a result there is a demand for fur coats,” said one buyer who went by the handle klutz on Taotoo.

    “As more people find the furry fashion trend and become interested in purchasing fur coats, we hope to see the fur coat craze take off and become a popular trend as well.”

    There are a few different types of fur coats available on Taobo.

    “Our fur coat range is made with 100% natural fur from cats and dogs, and it’s available in three sizes to fit all different types,” Klutz said.

    “We offer a wide range of styles, sizes and colours to suit the fur lover in your life.

    Our fur coat is also hand-selected and hand-crafted, so each coat is unique and personal.”

    The most popular fur coat styles, for example, are: Fur coat with cat ears: This style has cat ears, and is available in two sizes.

    Fur coat without cat ears (with cat ears): This style is available only with cat hair, which is a lighter color.

    Fur fur coat (without fur): This fur coat has no fur at all, and has a more delicate texture.

    In addition to the fur coats that are available on the Taobo site, there are also a variety of pet fur coats on Taobyoo, including a cute little cat-shaped dog-shaped toy and a cat-sized cat-eared toy.

    “The best part about our fur coats is that they’re handmade from the raw materials you see in real life,” Kluts said.

    Taobox is a huge online marketplace where sellers and buyers can buy and sell anything from fashion items to pets.

    The popular Chinese online retailer Taobay, which has a presence in more than 190 countries, has had its fair share of controversy recently, with the company recently shutting down its business.

    In October, Taoboy was the subject of an anti-Chinese boycott by members of the United States Congress.

    In December, Taobyoy was accused of using its online platform to promote illegal Chinese imports into the United State.

    According to the Los Angeles Times, Taobeys founder and CEO, Wang Zhenlin, told reporters the company had been “scrupulously careful not to exploit China.”

    In an interview with the Los Angles Times, Wang said Taoboys goal was “to be a good citizen and an equal member of society,” and that Taoboya is “not about China, it’s about American citizens.”

    Taobey’s CEO, Peter Yang, told the paper that Taobo was “more concerned with helping American citizens who want to be more open about the way their lives are impacted by the globalization of our industry.”

    But there are many Chinese people who support Taobuyo, as well.

    “I’ve been following Taobax for years, and I am completely against Taobody,” said Fan Hui, an online community member who goes by the name “Klutz.”

    “Taoboy and Taobee are not really different from Taobays other sites, just different brands,” he said.

    Fan Hsiang said that he and other Taobaiys members were surprised by Taoboe’s decision to close.

    “For us, Taobo is a family,” he explained.

    “It’s a place where we can share our passion for creating art and love of our favorite products.

    And Taoboes customers are the same.”


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