The fashion designer and designer of fashion icon and designer designer, designer, and fashion designer, has spoken of his plans to ‘change the world’.

    The Melbourne-based designer and his design firm, Schiaps and Schiapinglli, will launch a new line of clothing and accessories in collaboration with fashion designer Stella McCartney.

    “My intention with Stella McCartney is to give the fashion industry a platform to speak about women’s rights, race, economic inequality and social justice, while also challenging conventional gender roles,” Schiappinglli told the ABC’s Insiders programme on Monday.

    “There’s a lot of money at stake here, there’s a whole lot of power at stake.

    It’s going to be the first time that fashion designers can really speak out about what is really happening, and what needs to change.”

    Schiaparedlli has been working with McCartney since 2007 and has worked closely with the fashion designer on a number of projects.

    “I’m just a big fan of her work, she’s really talented and I really respect her work,” Schiappa said.

    “We have a lot in common and she’s a great collaborator.”

    When I met Stella I thought she was one of the coolest people I’ve ever met in fashion.

    She is such a creative person and she is really passionate about the issue.””

    I was really excited to work with her on this new line, and to collaborate on something like Stella McCartney,” he said.

    Schiaps’ new line will launch in the next few weeks and will be priced at $100.

    Schiappa told the Insiders that the range of clothing would be based on a theme that was a mix of contemporary and classic.”

    In terms of the range, we will have some traditional stuff, we’ll have some of our signature brands, and also some of her classic pieces,” he explained.”

    She’s really into retro, she loves vintage and I’m really into vintage and retro pieces.

    “Schiapparelli has previously worked with fashion designers including Vera Wang, Victoria Beckham, and Brigitte Bardot.

    Schiataro’s fashion brand is based in Sydney, and is known for its sleek lines and high-fashion silhouettes.

    Schieparelli said the company was looking to focus on women’s issues and race, but did not reveal what their line of fashion would look like.”

    The main focus of the brand is to do the best we can with our products and what’s in them, and really try and make the most of what we have,” he told Insiders.”

    To be honest, I think the key to being successful in this industry is really trying to take advantage of the opportunities and opportunities that we have.

    “It’s not necessarily going to work on every single occasion, but to really make sure that we’re able to do it in a way that makes a difference.”

    Schiatarys new line was launched on Friday.

    The company said that it had received more than 2,500 inquiries for the new line.


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