A fashion designer who fell and hit his head while trying to help others was found guilty of manslaughter on Wednesday, after the jury deliberated for nearly four hours.

    The trial was held in Halifax’s provincial court and the verdict was announced in the late afternoon after nearly three days of testimony and deliberation.

    The victim, who is not being named because of his age, was a 26-year-old former model and actor, who had been on a road trip to visit his parents when he fell and landed in the path of a truck, according to defence lawyer David St-Jacques.

    The truck hit the man in the head, fracturing his skull and killing him, the prosecution said.

    The Crown and defence said they disagreed about how many times St-Louis had been injured and whether his injuries were consistent with being knocked unconscious.

    The defence said he suffered a concussion after falling from the truck.

    The jury found St-Lazarus guilty of causing death by negligence, assault with a weapon and recklessly endangering another person.

    It also found he should have known better than to let the truck driver drive in the area where he was riding when he struck the man.

    St-Louis was on his way to a dinner party in a Halifax hotel when he stopped to help a woman on a bicycle, according a police report.

    The witness testified he saw St-Laurs walk over to the woman and grab her by the neck and pull her into the vehicle.

    The witnesses testified they saw St, wearing a helmet and gloves, help the woman back onto the bicycle and walk her to safety.

    The woman told the jury she was afraid St-Luis was going to kill her and her boyfriend, but they got back on the bicycle, she said.

    After she was reunited with her boyfriend and was given $500 by St-Lucas, she left the hotel and took the couple to the hotel to use the bathroom, where she left him a note saying she was sorry for what happened and asked him to be careful, she testified.

    The court heard St-Louis and the victim had had an argument at a Halifax restaurant in October 2015.

    The pair had gone to a restaurant in the city’s east end when St-Liouis came up behind him and pushed him, she told jurors.

    He hit her in the face with a beer bottle and knocked her down, she recalled.

    The accused was driving his truck in the northbound lanes of a major road near the corner of Broad and Jarvis streets, the witnesses testified.

    He was travelling southbound in the southbound lanes when the truck crossed the centre line, causing the front right side of the vehicle to turn left, the witness testified.

    St-Lozarus was not wearing a seatbelt, so he did not see the crash, the woman testified.

    After the crash happened, St-Ilouis called 911, the police report said.

    The victim’s friends arrived at the scene shortly afterwards.

    The driver of the truck was arrested and charged with criminal negligence causing death.

    St Louis and the truck were both found not guilty.

    The charges were dismissed.


    Louis’s defence lawyer, Andrew Leitch, said St-Pierre was upset at his friend’s actions and wanted the case thrown out.

    “He was very upset,” Leitch said outside court.

    “He wanted it thrown out.”

    Leitch said St Louis is not a violent person, but is a hard worker who had an addiction to drugs.

    The prosecution said the Crown failed to present any evidence of an addiction.

    In court, St Louis said he was not sure how he felt about the verdict and said it was a shock.

    “I had a very long and hard road to get here, I’m just happy that I got it done,” he said.

    Stiles and the accused’s lawyer, Scott Pritchard, said they will appeal the verdict.


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