HANOVER, N.J. (AP) A fashion designer whose designs have inspired so many women around the world will soon make them even more iconic.

    Alexandra Fuchs and her husband Alex Fuchs designed “A Beautiful Design,” a capsule design that will be unveiled on Sunday as part of the collection of more than 100 pieces that will hit stores nationwide on Jan. 27.

    Fuchs says her husband is the inspiration behind the design, which is inspired by the designer’s own journey with cancer.

    “We’re very proud of her,” Fuchs said.

    “It’s her story and it’s really her work.

    She is really a woman who has inspired so much women around her.”

    Fuchs and Fuchs were diagnosed with Stage 4 glioblastoma when they were 25.

    They were also diagnosed with an early stage lung cancer.

    They had to stop their cancer treatment and had to give up their job in New York.

    Fuses family, friends and colleagues began to show interest in their story.

    They started a Facebook page, “Alexandra & Fuchs,” where they started sharing their story, and soon more people were asking if they were still alive.

    “The response was phenomenal,” Fuches said.

    The Fuchss are proud of their work and hope the show will be a turning point for other people who have been battling cancer.

    The first capsule design will be revealed on the site on Jan 26, which will feature more than 300 designs.

    Fucuses husband says it will be “one of the most beautiful things I have ever seen.”

    Fuches says she’s grateful that she’s able to share her story in this way, because it makes people realize that there are other people like her.

    “There are millions of people who are not going to have the same opportunities as us,” Fuch said.

    Fuchs says she hopes to be remembered for the way she lives, for her strength and courage.

    Fucakes story is a rare example of a woman being recognized as a living legend.

    She said she is also thankful for her work with the Foundation for the Treatment of Breast Cancer.

    She says she is proud to work with such a renowned organization.

    “I’m just so grateful that they have allowed me to do this,” Fuss said.


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