The online retail giant has launched a range of online fashion products and is launching a fashion show for women’s fashion.

    The show, titled “I Am Amazon Fashion Designer,” will debut at the end of October at the Amazon Fashion Center in Seattle.

    The show will feature the fashion show’s main event, the runway shows and interviews with leading designers including Alexander Wang, Kate Moss, Adele, Rihanna, Alessandro Michele, Marc Jacobs and more.

    In an interview with Fairfax Media, Fashion Designer Kate Moss said the show was about building a community of fashion designers around the world.

    “We’re all working together on the same vision and creating a brand of luxury,” Ms Moss said.

    “I am very excited about the opportunity to showcase the beauty of fashion and the incredible work that goes into creating and selling it.”

    It’s the same story that I have been telling since I was a child — the beauty and the craft.

    “The beauty and craft has always been there, the art and the passion.”

    You don’t have to be a designer to love fashion and love being part of the movement that is happening.

    “Amazon has a strong commitment to its brands, particularly its online fashion network.

    The company recently launched a new store in New York City to showcase its fashion, and it has launched an online store in Australia.”

    Amazon is a global company and has an amazing brand portfolio that is truly global,” Ms Wang said.

    The company has recently unveiled a series of online shopping tools, including an online shopping app called ‘Shop’ that is available on Android and Apple smartphones.

    Amazon Fashion Designer, like all the show’s shows, will feature interviews with designers and the designers will also have a chance to meet with Amazon staff.

    Amazon also recently announced a new ‘designer-led group’ of designers who will help its designers create collections for the company.

    The Australian Fashion Awards is the country’s largest fashion show and it was launched in 2003. AAP