Posted September 07, 2018 08:51:46 A few years ago, if you were a man in the fashion industry, you’d have been lucky to see a glimpse of yourself.

    You were expected to look the part, to have the right looks and to have a strong personality.

    Today, the gender roles in fashion are being flipped.

    For some men, the changes are obvious, and for others, they’re not so much.

    A new survey by the Australian Institute of Fashion (AIF) suggests there is a shift underway.

    The research found that more than two-thirds of men now feel like they’re more comfortable wearing women’s clothing than men.

    While some may have a preference for a woman’s style, for many men, they just want to feel “at home”.

    “I think we’re going to see an even wider variety of styles that we’re more likely to find,” senior fashion editor Peter Lee said.

    “There are a lot of women’s-only styles, there are a couple of men’s-exclusive styles, a lot more masculine styles.”

    But what’s that really about?

    Peter Lee is the managing director of AIF’s men’s fashion design department.

    He’s seen the trend change for the better.

    “I can see a lot in the way that men have come to see themselves as more comfortable in women’s clothes,” he said.

    While men may prefer more feminine-looking clothing, they also see the fashion world changing.

    “They’re more interested in going into a brand and trying to build their own identity, and they’re interested in knowing where their place is,” Mr Lee said