By Lisa LippmanThe last five years have been a rollercoaster ride for designers, fashion designers and fashion companies in a world of fast-changing trends and the constant tug-of-war between styles.

    We’ve seen the rise of the fashion world and how it’s changed from its beginnings in the 1930s.

    And we’ve also seen a number of companies, from high-end brands to more modest brands, take on the challenge of creating stylish, modern and fun outfits.

    Nowadays, the focus is shifting towards more subtle, high-quality pieces, which are being produced by more small, independent fashion companies and designers.

    And now, we are getting closer to the moment of a new era in fashion: the era of the “art house”.

    This is when fashion designers, designers and brands are taking on the task of creating and creating again.

    For a new generation, the art house is not just a word that has been invented, but a new category of clothing and accessories.

    As fashion designer Lisa Littman explains, the concept of the art-house is not entirely new, and it’s not a new concept.

    But what is new is the emphasis it places on the creation of quality garments, in the words of Littmann.

    It’s not just about the clothes themselves.

    It’s about the quality of the clothing that is made, the fabrics, the finishing touches and the way it is presented to the world.

    Littman, who is the fashion director of Auberge de Ville, a French fashion house, has seen an upsurge in interest in the art of fashion and design.

    The trend has been particularly strong in the past few years.

    There’s been an increasing demand for fashion, she said.

    In recent years, the industry has also seen an increasing number of designers taking on a more professional role, from the likes of Yves Saint Laurent to the likes in New York and London.

    “It’s very exciting.

    It is a great time for the art and design community to be engaged with this new stage of development,” she said, adding that the rise in interest is “unprecedented”.

    This has prompted the creation in recent years of a number new scholarship scholarships to help young designers and designers in their early years.

    “The trend is to bring the best designers and the best materials together to create an innovative, contemporary, stylish and fun look, but also to help designers create a career that can provide them with financial stability,” Littmans said.

    “And this is exactly what these scholarships are designed to do.”

    In this way, they allow young designers to have a positive experience of what they’re working on, and also to develop a sense of self and of purpose in their work.

    This year, Littnman is organising a fashion scholarship for two young designers, one from the UK and the other from France.

    The scholarship will allow the students to make their way through university without having to rely on any scholarships.

    “We want young designers from all over the world to be able to find a place at Auberges de Villes where they can make something they love to create and work on for a living,” she explained.

    “In this respect, it is not only about the students, but it is also about the whole fashion industry.”

    The students will have the opportunity to be part of the Aubergerde Ville and the fashion school in the same way that they are the students of the Royal Academy of Arts and the Royal College of Art.

    The scholarships will be open for a maximum of six months, and the students will be paid €5,000 per year, plus another €3,000 for living expenses, for a total of €50,000.

    The Aubergers de Vilnes school of fashion, which has been run since 1995, is a unique school in its own right, with the main aim of fostering talent and providing opportunities for young designers.

    Its students have always been focused on creating a unique aesthetic, Lippmann said, but now they’re looking to get involved with the fashion industry.

    “They’re not just taking part in the process of creating the clothes; they’re also looking at the materials and the finishing, and they’re learning to create something that’s going to be of use to the fashion business and to the community,” she added.

    The art-school programme, which will be the first of its kind in France, is being supported by the French Ministry of Culture.

    It will be followed by a scholarship program for women designers and for young artists.

    The first three awards, to be announced in May, will benefit more than 100 students from both French and foreign schools, as well as a number young designers in France.

    “For us, this is not about money.

    This is about the feeling that we have when we work with these young designers who are looking to take their skills and their creative skills


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