Designer Schiaparenlli, a fashion designer and producer, has an unconventional way of selling her products online.

    She created a fashion website called MyStyle to promote her products. 

    The site features a simple interface, and Schiacarelli’s products are displayed on her site with a single image.

    The site is an alternative to traditional websites and blogs, and the focus is on providing a shopping experience similar to what you’d get at a department store.

    “I’m not a designer and I don’t sell products in a mall,” Schiapelli told Business Insider.

    “But I do like that people are interested in my products.

    So when they see my products on the site, they like the fact that they can find me in a store.”

    Schiapellis products have also caught the attention of designers and brands like Gucci, Ralph Lauren, and Prada, which all commissioned her to promote their own collections, but she says the majority of her sales are done on the internet.

    The site is available in multiple languages, including English, Italian, Spanish, French, Portuguese, and German.

    It was developed for the Italian market.

    For a while, Schiapo’s site was available in English, but Schiaperlli said that she was forced to shut it down due to budget concerns. 

    “I couldn’t make the money back on the sales because I’m not getting paid, and my website is really just for fun and to promote myself and my products,” Schijaparello said.

    “So I really only sell on the Internet because I can’t make a living from it, and because it’s very difficult to make money from the Internet.” 

    The website is a little more sophisticated than the rest of Schiapi’s sites, but it still lacks a simple shopping experience.

    You’ll need to make your purchases by clicking on links, searching for products on a list, or clicking on the product’s image. 

    Schiaparoles website also lacks an option to share photos of her products, although that’s a feature that has come to be for many other designers, including the likes of Giorgio Armani, Alexander Wang, and Valentino. 

    To promote her work, Schijapo has a Facebook page, Instagram, and Twitter account, and she also has a YouTube channel that she hosts for her own brand, MyStyle. 

    MyStyle sells for $20 a month and offers free shipping to anyone who orders a $50 item. 

    If you want to learn more about Schiapa’s business, you can check out the MyStyle website or check out Schijapelli’s other work, like this ad for a fashion-focused website called MtGlamour. 

    You can find out more about her on her website, and check out a video of her talking about her products below.


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