Jocasta Paredes is a New York-based fashion designer whose work includes designs for men’s clothing, men’s accessories and men’s footwear.

    Her fashion collection, titled The Lovesick Love, features colorful silhouettes and vibrant prints inspired by the Mexican fashion culture.

    The first season of the show was shown on Televisa, which has been airing it since last year.

    The show has received critical acclaim for its subtlety and stylish, yet simple yet playful approach to design.

    Paredes says the show “is a combination of the Latin American aesthetic and the American way of thinking,” and it is inspired by her father, an American fashion designer.

    “It is not a style show, it is an expression of my culture,” Pareds said.

    “My father taught me to look for the beauty in the human form, and the essence of beauty lies in the body.

    The body is the foundation of the soul.”

    Pareds, who is Mexican-American, said she is inspired to use her father’s influences in her own designs.

    “The body is one of the most important parts of the human body,” Pardes said.

    The show is the first show of its kind in Mexico, and Paredos said she wants to continue creating work that reflects the rich culture and heritage of the country.

    “This show is about what Mexico means to me and my family,” Pledes said in a statement.

    “When I was growing up, I always felt like I was born in a country where we were the only ones in Mexico.

    We were not allowed to travel outside of Mexico, but I never thought it would be this difficult for me to be able to live and work here.”


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