By: Kwon Woo-hyun”I want to start my own fashion design business.

    I have been working in Korea and I have a great idea for a fashion designer company.

    The biggest obstacle is money, but I have great ideas for the business.

    I have been thinking about this for about a year, so I am trying to start now.

    My business model will be to sell clothes and accessories for other people, but it will be very unique.

    The clothes and other products will be made in Korea.

    I want to make sure that everything will be perfect.

    I am not very interested in designing clothes.

    I do not like design in general.

    I only like to design the clothes I love.

    My fashion design will be different from most designers.

    But I want it to be something I feel proud of.

    My clothes will be unique, and I am going to be the one to design them.

    But it will take a lot of time.

    I am looking forward to it.””

    If I get a job offer, I am not going to go back to school and take a break from the job I am doing right now.

    I just want to work hard to help my family and friends, so if it comes to that, I want that to be a reality.

    I hope that I can become a fashion model.

    I would love to do it.

    My dream is to become a model and become famous in the future.

    If it comes, I would definitely do it, but if not, I will go back and work hard.””

    My dream is that I could become a famous fashion designer and be famous for fashion.””

    I like to be known for my fashion design.

    I think I will become famous soon, so the fashion designer job is my dream.””

    It is very important that the clothes be comfortable and good quality.

    I like to make a design that makes me feel proud, so that is my goal.

    I think that if I get an offer, and it comes from a good company, I’m going to accept it, because I am working hard.

    I like doing the designs that I love and I want my business to be good.

    I will not change if I do get an opportunity.

    If I get money, I won’t go back.

    I know what I want and I will do what I do.””

    The clothes are all handmade, but they will be of good quality and I don’t mind making money for the company.

    I don.

    I need the money for my family, but that is not important to me.

    I don’t think that I need to do anything special.

    I can work on clothes that I like.

    I hope I can do my best.”