The word “love” is the word of the year for the Halston brand.

    And as the brand continues to expand across the globe, they have decided to honor the man of the house with a collection of nail designs that will make him feel as if he has an all-natural partner.

    With that in mind, the brand launched a limited edition collection of man-made nail art that will look like a piece of art and will be delivered to your door in just one week.

    The line, titled Love Nail Art, is inspired by Halston’s passion for creating beautiful man-shaped nail art, and it will be available exclusively to Halston customers.

    The limited edition will include five different designs, each with a unique nail design that is based on the man’s face and body shape.

    “Halston is always looking for new ways to celebrate our customers, and the Halstons Love Nails Art Collection is the perfect way to do it,” Halston CEO James Farkas said in a statement.

    “We love creating nail art for the man, so it only makes sense to show off his beauty and personal touches with our collection.”

    The collection of designs includes man-like shapes, with the top of the nail art showing a man’s signature expression of love, while the bottom of the man-created design is a man wearing a mane and a man carrying a large umbrella.

    Nail art has been around for years and is usually done by people of all ages.

    However, for men, it can feel more complicated and intimidating, so the Halscons Love nails Art Collection focuses on making the process of creating nail work simpler.

    “I wanted to make it as easy as possible for our customers to get the best nail art possible, so we wanted to create this collection for our guys and women, to make their nails feel as natural as possible,” Farkar said.

    The collection includes manmade designs that are based on Halston men’s face shape, with a man in the top and bottom shapes, as well as a man with long hair and a woman in the middle shape.

    The man-mane nail art is made with high quality materials and a clear base, while a man-womane nail design features a woman holding her man’s hands.

    The man-hug nail design is the ultimate man-on-man style.


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