Trisha fashion Designer Trisha Jones has made some pretty amazing and creative wedding dresses.

    Jones, who is also the designer behind the Trisha Fashion Collective, recently announced she would be giving away free gifts to her own followers after her big wedding in November.

    It was a bit of a surprise to see Trisha giving away her free gifts and not the more expensive items.

    She said, “I was inspired to do this because I love how I look in a wedding dress.

    It’s an opportunity to celebrate your life together and your love for each other.”

    The Trisha wedding dress was a collaboration between Jones and her friend and fashion designer, Amanda, who designed the gown.

    The wedding dress had a lace bodice and was designed to be wearable, comfortable, and fashionable.

    “I’ve always loved how people can wear a dress and still look beautiful,” Jones said.

    “I love how the wedding gown is very romantic and sexy.

    I want people to be able to wear it as a casual dress or even a wedding present for their special day.”

    Jones said she will be donating her free dresses to friends and followers.

    Trisha has a new book out called The Love Connection and will be releasing the book on June 2.



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