Hussain, the designer of the fashion label Ushahidi, recently tweeted about how she wears her clothes with the slogan “sociationally conscious.”

    “Saying it is culturally aware is a very strong statement for us,” Hussa said.

    “Saying that the fashion industry has a problem with what it sees as the exclusion of Muslims from the fashion world and a lack of diversity in its ranks is a statement of strength for us.”

    She said she wears jeans with the words “sustainability” printed on them to show the way she has become more eco-conscious.

    “When I started making clothes, I wanted to be different,” Hensa said, “I wanted to make a statement.

    Now I can’t hide the fact that I wear jeans with sustainability symbols, like a black tag on them.

    It is a bold statement that reflects the way I see myself.”

    Hussa, who is an American citizen, said she is “confident” the US would be able to be a “sustainable, diverse, and tolerant society” in the near future.

    “I’m not sure the United States will be the same country in the long run, but I am confident in our future,” Hausa said in a statement posted on Twitter.

    “My hope is that by wearing jeans and having a sustainable, diverse and tolerant culture, we can change the country for the better.”

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