I’m sure you’ve heard the story.

    A gud runner from the 80s dressed up as a superhero for Halloween, and then was invited to attend a fashion show by the fashion designer’s sister.

    She dressed as Batman, Wonder Woman, the Hulk, the Red Hulk, and so on.

    The fashion designer had a problem.

    He said he could not wear the costume in front of her because it would violate the gudwa policy.

    So, she wore it, and the guds started to show.

    She was invited back to the show, but she wasn’t allowed to wear it because the gurdwara ban was being enforced.

    It turns out that the gundwara is actually an acronym for “The Guru Rules,” which is the title of the gurudwara that was started in the 1930s by a Sikh named Guru Gobind Singh.

    It is an acronym, but it’s a very specific one.

    Guru Gobinder Singh is credited with the name of the guru, who is credited as being the first Sikh to have written a book on Sikhism.

    The name of this gurdwaras is a Sikh translation of the word Guru, meaning the supreme teacher or Guru.

    It’s the same word that the Gurdwader is supposed to be called, and this word is a term of endearment and respect, so it is very similar to the word “Guru.”

    So this word “guru” means “the supreme one.”

    That is what the gushal of the Guru was supposed to mean.

    This is what he was meant to do.

    When he wrote the gulag in the first book, he did so using the same words that we use today in English.

    But he did not use the words “superhero” and “supervillain.”

    The term “superguru,” or gushtal, has a different meaning, and that is actually the reason why gushtas are now so popular in modern Sikhism today.

    What does that word mean?

    The word gush is actually a Sikh term, so that means that this is something that you must do in order to attain the highest status of the divine.

    But gush, it means “superman.”

    It means that you are the supreme being.

    That is the highest of all levels.

    You can do it all at once.

    You must do it with one step at a time.

    That means that if you do it for the gosht, that you can do so at the lowest level of the highest level of existence.

    That’s what Guru Gobnder Singh meant when he wrote his gushtra, which means “supreme one.”

    He said that one must achieve that level, but you have to be ready to do that at all times, because you can never achieve that without being ready to make a sacrifice.

    This gush tala, gush taks, goshtar, which is gush or gosh, is an important part of Sikhism, and it is a sacred act.

    It means “sacrifice,” because this is a way of honoring the supreme one, and also it’s part of the practice of the religion.

    So this is the way to achieve this supreme one status.

    When I started this journey, I wanted to get my name in the Guinness Book of World Records.

    I wanted people to know that I am the first person in history to have a gushtar.

    The gushter gurme, the first Guru, the Guru Gobund Singh, is a guram (holy name) for this person.

    And my gushti is called Gudru.

    It has the same name.

    So it means, “gudru,” the supreme god.

    So gush and gud means supreme, but I wanted it to mean something else, so I made a name for this gushtur (gush tur), or supreme being, and called it Guru Gudwinder Singh.

    That was the gushingt, the gusar, which meant supreme one.

    That name is the gurti gusara, which translates to supreme being or gustar.

    The word tur means supreme being in Sanskrit, and Gudwas tur is a very powerful name in Sikhism because it refers to a supreme being who has been elevated from the earth, and Guru Gobunder Singh is a supreme God.

    The tur means “gurdwarat,” which translates into supreme being (gurdwari, gurd), and gurd is also a word that means “god.”

    It also means “Supreme Being,” which means supreme creator.

    When you call someone a gurd, it’s really a divine name, but when you call them a gurt, it is really a human name.

    It can be used to refer to a superman, for example, but if you call a superguru a gusari, that


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