The past year has been filled with fashion trends that are being touted as the best in the world, and the best are also selling for a lot more than they bargained for.

    And there’s a whole bunch of it.

    While some people are simply looking for the next big thing, others are just looking for a way to express themselves and feel confident in their look.

    And, yes, the top trends for the year are also popular in Canada, with some designers selling their latest creations online, and others doing their own.

    While the best trends for 2017 are in Canada and the United States, the trends across the globe are still being influenced by different influences.

    There are some trends that seem to be more of a mainstream phenomenon in the West, while others are a little more underground and foreign.

    Below are a few of the top fashion trends in 2017: 1.

    Casual clothing This trend is all about dressing casually, which is usually an under-appreciated aspect of the fashion world.

    This trend isn’t just about fashion, but it’s about making the most of your wardrobe.

    And it’s all about making yourself look better, not just the clothes.

    While you might want to dress up, don’t be afraid to wear jeans, a t-shirt and a jacket, just because it’s fashionable.

    You might also want to wear your favourite accessories to create the look of your dreams, as these pieces are more often found in accessories than on the runway.

    And for the most part, it’s a simple trend.

    Just wear the basics that you already have, and you’ll be all set.

    But don’t take our word for it: watch some of the best designer fashion videos on YouTube and you can see how designers create their looks.

    There’s a lot of variety here.

    So what’s next?

    We’ve put together this list of the Top 10 trends for men, women and kids.

    For more, check out our list of fashion trends for women, men and kids and our list on fashion trends of the year.

    What to wear in 2017 1.

    Shorts This trend has come a long way since its inception in the 1950s.

    Shirts and pants are often the primary part of a man’s outfit and men have been wearing them for years.

    But shorts are also the fashion trend of the decade.

    The short, slim-fit shirt that comes with jeans, long trousers and sometimes a sweater can be a great way to show off your legs, or the backside, and it’s also a great accessory for when you want to go all-out.

    A long-sleeved shirt, or a simple pair of shorts, can also add to a simple ensemble or a stylish one-piece.

    This style is great for summer and winter, as the material and fit is lightweight and comfortable.


    T-shirts The trend of wearing t-shirts is becoming more popular in the west.

    There aren’t a lot styles, but if you want something with a classic look, then these shirts are the way to go.

    They’re typically a light, casual look that’s well suited to summer and winters, but they also work well for summer-time wear, when you can dress in shorts.


    Sneakers If you’re in the market for a pair of sneakers, then there’s no better time to pick one than now.

    The rise of online shopping and fashion has made it easy to find and buy anything you want, even if it’s not the one you want.

    These online retailers can be found on eBay and Amazon, and some of them are also offering shoe deals that are on the top of the list.

    They also have a range of shoes and apparel, which can be used to add a little bit of style to your wardrobe, or for a more practical option.

    You can find a few popular shoe brands on this list: Nike, Reebok, Rees, Adidas, Calvin Klein, Gucci, Fendi, Dior, Alexander McQueen and more.


    Tights If you need something to wear underneath, tights are a great choice.

    A t-up style is one that has a slimmer fit, making it ideal for a day at the office.

    They are usually a light pair of jeans or a short t-shirt.

    And the material is also lightweight, making them great for outdoor wear.

    They can be made with either lace or mesh material, and are available in a range from classic to high-end.


    Scarves Scarves are a big part of many women’s outfits.

    There isn’t a single perfect scarf, but there are some that are perfect for a variety of occasions.

    The most popular scarf for women is a classic black and white one-button knit scarf that is designed for formal occasions.

    But the perfect scarf can also be a simple knit scarf or an elegant lace scarf.

    The best scarf for men is a black and grey one-


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