A new job with an online retailer is the ideal opportunity to find yourself a new fashion career.

    But for the job seeker, the journey is much less glamorous than a traditional one.

    The question is, can a fashion job help you find your feet in life?

    “I have a passion for designing and I think it is a very fulfilling job,” said Lauren Coyle, a 22-year-old senior at North Carolina Central University in Raleigh, who has been designing apparel for five years.

    “The whole reason I want to work with you is because it will help me develop my skills to do this and hopefully, in the future, make a living as a designer,” Coyle said.

    This is not the first time a fashion career has been on the line.

    In 2013, a designer in New York City started a company called Fash, which sold t-shirts, jeans and other apparel online.

    The idea was to bring her design skills to a new audience.

    But, she said, she had no idea how to make a career out of it.

    So, she ended up staying at home and working in a restaurant kitchen.

    The entrepreneur decided to change that.

    After her experience in New Zealand, Coyle was looking for a new opportunity to make her way into the fashion industry.

    She said she decided to focus on creating a line of clothing for women who want to express themselves through style.

    She is currently working with a fashion design studio in New Jersey, and said the job offers her the opportunity to design clothing for a wide range of clients.

    “I do not have the budget for a designer school but I am looking for the right people to help me in that effort,” she said.

    But there are some jobs available to fashion designers.

    For example, you could be a design consultant, a merchandising associate or a retail manager, said Amy Bostwick, a senior associate at design consultancy agency Creative Connection.

    And some are even looking for fashion students, Bostwn said.

    The career-long journey of a fashion industry graduate is not easy.

    There are some things that a fashion graduate needs to do as a student, like get a degree in design and then make a portfolio of designs, Bopart said.

    “Some students, particularly the fashion designers, will do it from a design perspective, but others will be much more self-taught,” she added.

    And then there are the jobs.

    Many fashion graduates do not get a good sense of how to work as a freelance designer, said Lisa Gossett, an associate professor at the University of California, Los Angeles, who is a certified fashion design instructor.

    She said many people are reluctant to get into the business because they think it would be a career drain.

    But some of the opportunities for fashion designers that are out there are more in line with the traditional careers.

    “There are a lot of opportunities for the young designers, because they are getting to work on fashion projects that they would not be able to do otherwise,” Gossetts said.

    For example: There is a design course in the fashion program at the College of Design at the New School in New Yorker.

    And the Fashion Institute of Technology has a program that is designed specifically for fashion grads.

    Another example: In 2014, a New York Fashion Week graduate from the New York Institute of Fashion got an internship at a clothing brand.

    But she didn’t get a full-time job.

    Instead, she learned how to design merchandise for the brand and how to organize the business side of things.

    So, she went to work designing clothes for the company.

    She is now doing it full- time.

    But it can be a challenge to find work.

    Bostwick said she thinks the current unemployment rate for designers is higher than other jobs.

    The median hourly wage for designers in New Orleans is $8.47 an hour, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

    A study conducted in 2012 by the Institute for Work and Economic Policy at the City University of New York School of Law found that designers with a college degree earn about $50,000 less than those without.

    But she said that there is hope for fashion graduates.

    Because fashion graduates are not going to be in a position to start companies and be millionaires, they could have a more stable life as a professional designer, Bosworth said.

    Bostwyns said that the young designer could work as an intern, but she is not sure if that is the way she wants to work in the long run.

    “They have to work, and they have to do something and they are really not getting that job security,” she advised.

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