The trend for fashion designers with a more glamorous aesthetic has been steadily growing, and this trend is now being seen in more and more high-end fashion shops, with some of the most fashionable designers including Alessandro Michele, Michael Kors, Calvin Klein, Alexander McQueen, Ralph Lauren, and Gucci among the elite list of designers who have been wearing a designer’s best-fitting ensemble in recent years.

    Here are some of our favorites: 1.

    Alessandro, Michele, and Kors The A-List designers are making the leap to a more stylish look with a new collection that’s set to hit stores this month.

    The collection will be launched with two silhouettes that will go on sale June 27, one in a black blazer and one in an orange shirt, which are both inspired by the Italian designer’s classic workwear.

    While we’re still waiting to see the color palette of the new look, there are two new silhouettes to choose from.

    Check out the A-List Style Guide below for more information on the two silhouets.2.

    Michael K. & Co. The high-fashion designer has long been a fan of designer’s signature color palette, which is seen in their collections and on their runway, and now the duo has created a collection that is both subtle and bold, with shades ranging from light-medium to darker-dark.

    The A+ Collection will go into stores June 30.3.

    Calvin Klein The iconic designer, known for his bold, daring and often flamboyant silhouettes, has recently been on the hunt for new trends that will make his iconic style stand out from the rest of the world.

    He’s been making strides in recent months, creating a collection featuring prints inspired by pop culture icons, such as Lady Gaga and Kylie Jenner.

    A-Style Guide: Calvin Klein CollectionA-Style guide: Calvin’s latest looksA-style guide: The Calvin Klein brand is no stranger to bold designs, and they’ve made a big splash recently with the Calvin Klein D-Luxe.

    A new silhouette is in the works that looks a lot like a Calvin Klein silhouette.

    A lot of the attention has been on this color palette.

    We’re excited to see how Calvin’s design changes as we head into the fall.

    Check the A+ Style Guide to find out more.4.

    Ralph Lauren Ralph Lauren has always been known for their bold colors, and the brand is always making sure to use some bold colors in their products.

    The Ralph Lauren A-lister, Ralph, has been a master of bold silhouettes and a master at making bold statements with their clothing and accessories.

    We hope that the new Ralph Lauren D-Line will be the same bold as its predecessors, and that the bold colors will become the new signature colors of the brand.

    Check Ralph Lauren’s A-Guide to find a look that fits the brand’s bold aesthetic.5.

    Alexander Mcqueen Alexander McQueen has always had a penchant for bold and eye-catching silhouettes.

    In recent years, the designer has been making bold statement with his signature color, a shade of light gray that is often used as a subtle shade for jackets, pants, and other pieces.

    The new Alexander McQuen Collection will be available in stores in June, and we’re excited about the colors.

    Check our Alexander Mcquen A- Guide to see which colors are on the market right now.6.

    Gucci Gucci has always made bold statement by being bold, bold with their collections.

    They’ve been using bold colors for their jackets, jeans, and accessories, and have been creating bold prints and prints with a bold theme for their collections for the last few years.

    The Gucci A-line is set to come out this month, and you can find more information about it right here.7.

    Calvin & Kate Calvin & Kate is known for bold designs with bold colors.

    They make bold statement in the summer and the fall, and their A-Line looks will be a bold statement for summer.

    Calvin is also a master in bold silhouetted prints, and has a bold palette of bold prints for his collections.

    The Calvin A-collection will be in stores July 6.8.

    Calvin Johnson Calvin Johnson is a master when it comes to bold, but bold colors don’t always have to be bold.

    Calvin has been known to create bold prints, prints that go beyond the basics of the A.L.L.-like prints, with bold prints that are more of a statement or statement that you can pull off.

    Calvin’s A.&M.

    Collection will come out in the fall in two colorways.

    Check Calvin’s Calvin &K.

    A&M A-A guide to see what Calvin’s current looks look like.9.

    Calvin Beckham Calvin Beckham has been pushing the boundaries of bold designs for years, and his latest collection is set for release this summer.

    The designer has already launched the Calvin Beckham