You’ve probably already heard the advice to look for designers who are ‘straight’ fashion designers.

    But what does that really mean?

    Well, the term ‘straight designer’ is more commonly used by straight women, who prefer to dress in casual, more traditional styles.

    ‘Straight’ fashion designer refers to people who are not fashion designers themselves, but who have the skills and know-how to craft and design stylish, high-quality clothes.

    So if you are looking for a designer who is straight, you may have found your new best friend.

    But to understand what ‘straight fashion’ really means, you have to understand the definition of a designer.

    To understand ‘straight’, you first need to understand fashion.

    The word ‘fashion’ is used in two different senses: as a general term, or as a specific word to describe a specific style of dress, coat, or accessory.

    In fashion terms, a designer is a ‘fashion-maker’.

    The word designer is used to describe the business of designing clothes.

    The meaning of designer in this context is a person who works closely with designers, often working alongside them.

    Designer clothing is designed by a professional designer who uses a range of materials and techniques to create their garments, using their own creativity and technical skills.

    Designers can also create custom-made, bespoke garments.

    A designer’s job is to create garments that look, feel and perform exactly as the designer would like them to.

    They may be wearing a designer brand coat or trousers, or a designer made-to-measure shirt.

    Designer jeans are a very popular type of casual wear in the UK, with a range that includes casual dress shoes, trousers, jackets, and jackets.

    Designer dresses and coats are also very popular.

    In many cases, they are made to order.

    Designer shoes, pants and coats can be purchased from designers at high street boutiques.

    Designer accessories are usually made to suit the style of the designer.

    Designer watches and watchescreens are popular accessories in both designer and casual wear.

    Designer bags, bags, wallets, purses, and jewellery can be found at fashion shops.

    There are also designer accessories for men, women, children and pets.

    Designer jewellery and designer watches are a great way to spend money on fashion accessories.

    A well-made designer piece is worth more than the sum of its parts, and designer designer shoes are very good value for money.

    A good designer’s wardrobe is one that is designed for the person wearing it, and a designer’s fashion is one with which you can always relate.

    The key to finding the right designer is to start with the best-known designers in the industry.

    So start by searching the UK Fashion Forum, the UK Style Awards and the British Fashion Awards, then start reading our blog to find designers you like.

    We’ve rounded up some of the best straight designers in fashion, who will help you find the perfect designer jeans.


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