I was lucky enough to be hired at a prestigious fashion design firm in NYC.

    The first year I was there I was asked to be a model, a sales associate and a model’s assistant.

    I got my first job in a fashion show at a high fashion brand and then another in a department store, and a few more in a fine fashion shop.

    I had no idea how many opportunities there were in this field until a couple of years later, when I went to work at a fashion magazine.

    I’d never been on the inside of a fashion brand before, so I asked if I could work at their editorial desk, which was actually quite a few steps away from my work.

    They agreed, and I spent two months working at the magazine, doing some of their advertising.

    After two months, I was promoted to design director, which I loved, and had the chance to work with some of the designers who were on the editorial staff.

    After that, I moved on to a fashion design company in London, which offered a much better salary, but I was constantly wondering what it would be like working for a higher salary.

    After a year, I had a contract with a large fashion house in London and it was really exciting.

    I loved it.


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