In this March 7, 2019 file photo, a young designer is seen in an interview with Reuters by a man who works in the fashion department of the luxury brand Cassini, in Milan, Italy.

    Cassini says it plans to bring the “new” Cassini line to stores in late 2019.

    In the past year, it has introduced several new lines, including its first line of dresses, the T-shirt dress, and the skirt dress.

    But the fashion world is buzzing about what the new Cassini will look like and whether the new line can deliver the same high fashion appeal that the company has been known for for.

    The new Cassinis are made of a more lightweight fabric that could be more comfortable on a body that’s built for the dance floor.

    The company is also making the line more affordable.

    In a statement, Cassini said it was working to make the new cassinis available to consumers in mid-2019.

    “Cassini is working hard to create the perfect product for our fans,” Cassini chief executive Gianni Cilio said in a statement.

    “We will be bringing more value to our customers with a new, more affordable Cassini dress in early 2019.

    Cassinis T-shirts and skirts will be available in March 2019, and Cassini’s new T-shirts will be the most affordable of the line.”

    But the new product isn’t quite as striking as the Cassini dresses, which have a slim cut and a low-cut neckline.

    Cassissises are often made from a softer material called “super soft,” which means they won’t look as sharp as some of the other dresses on the market.

    Cassiuses are made from lighter materials called “lightweight” that can make them more comfortable for people with smaller busts.

    Cassisiys skirts are a little more expensive than their dresses, but not as much as a T-dress, which costs more.

    Cassis new T shirt dress has a skirt that goes down to a mid thigh, and it comes in three sizes: A-XL and a-XXL.

    The Cassini T-song dress is made of the same material as the T shirt, and comes in a wide range of sizes.

    The T-stylist, who was not identified, said that it was “a lot of fun to design the Cassiini dress” and that he’s excited to see it go on sale.

    He said that the Cassinis dress will be more expensive, but he’s not worried about the price because it’s a “cool” dress.

    The dress is also made of fabric that looks “more feminine” and “less sexy.”

    But some women will be disappointed that the new dress won’t be as flattering as the new T shirts.

    “It’s a little bit more of a fashion statement,” Cassi said.

    Cassins new T skirt dress has less padding than the Cassis T- shirt dress, but Cassi says it’s still comfortable for women who are tall or have a larger bust.

    The skirt dress is available in three styles: A, B, and C. “If you are looking for something to wear on the dancefloor or to go to the gym, you’ll be happy to know that Cassini has made the Cassinis skirt dress available in C,” the dress designer said.

    “There are more comfortable options in the C line, which we hope to have more than one Cassini skirt dress for you.”

    The new cassiini T shirt dresses are made in three different styles: a slim fit with a lower hemline, a mid-rise with a high hemline and a full rise with a low hemline.

    The designer said the T shirts were “pretty sweet” and he thought they were “a little bit sexy.”

    The Cassiinis new T dress is priced at $150, while the Cassins T-Song dress is $150 and the Cassitises T-Stylist is $200.

    The dresses will be sold at select retailers and online.

    But some customers will be upset about the Cassius dress.

    “I think the Cassiamis T shirt is pretty good, but it’s definitely not a Cassini,” the designer said in an email to Reuters.

    “The Cassini is definitely a Cassi, but I think the cassini T shirts are a lot more comfortable and a lot better looking.”

    The designer, who also did the Cassissinis dresses for a previous brand, also said that he hopes to sell more Cassinis dresses in 2019.

    People want to know Cassini and Cassi can bring a lot of fans.”


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