In the latest episode of the MTV News Fashion Design Competition, the women behind some of the biggest fashion trends are showcased and then the designers try to recreate their styles in their own living rooms. 

    The fashion designers compete for a chance to win a prize of £10,000, a brand new wardrobe, a $1,000 gift certificate to the Vogue fashion show and a chance at the VH1 Fashion Design Awards. 

    To be included in the competition, a designer must have the backing of a fashion house and have at least one designer from the fashion industry who is also a member of the Fashion Institute of Designers and Importers. 

    Vogue is one of the largest fashion magazines in the world, and in 2016 the magazine’s magazine editor, Katie Price, made the decision to have an independent fashion designer, Katie Hodge, as editor-in-chief of the magazine. 

    “She is an incredibly talented person who’s really focused on fashion and design and has an amazing vision,” Price said in a statement to BuzzFeed News.

    “I think Katie has made it her mission to bring fashion and fashion design together, to give designers in the fashion and style world an opportunity to work together, rather than just against each other.” 

    The competition was first held in 2015.

    The finalists were revealed on Monday, and the winning designer will receive £10K in prize money. 

    Hodge will become the editor- in-chief at Vogue Fashion Designers. 

    This is the second time that Hodge has worked in fashion, and her previous job as editor of Vogue Designers magazine was at a designer owned by the British clothing brand, Ralph Lauren. 

    A year ago, Hodge helped create the runway for a fashion show in Berlin, where she also worked with Ralph Lauren’s chief creative officer, Lisa Roesler.

    The runway showed off the creative possibilities of a high-end fashion house, but it also featured a striking number of pieces that showcased the designer’s work, including a number of dresses. 

    At the time, Roesle said, “I thought that it was such a lovely way to bring some inspiration into the show, and that was how I first saw the runway.

    It’s such a unique opportunity to see the designers in their home studios and show off their design, so that’s why I was thrilled to be part of the programme.

    It was a great opportunity to really give a little something back.” 

    In addition to working on the runway, Holes also designed a number.

    The designers are expected to continue to make their designs available on Vogue’s website for free for all to view, and will also be able to purchase prints and more prints in a limited edition of 50,000. 

    After a long time away from the runway this season, Hopes work is back, and as a fashion designer in the industry she’s able to make her own runway for her new magazine, which will continue to feature runway style and fashion. 

    What’s your fashion style? 

    If you want to find out more about fashion and show your style, head over to the homepage to learn more about how to look your best in a new season of MTV Fashion. 

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