From the moment you walk into the door of a designer’s shop, you are bound to get your hands dirty with a little bit of everything.

    And so it’s natural to take inspiration from the styles and materials that make up their designs.

    Here are 10 of the most creative and affordable ways to make your fashion a little more fashion forward.1.

    DIY clothing is cool, but it’s hard to get good results2.

    Buy online instead of from stores3.

    Make your own clothing from scratch4.

    Buy a designer designer bag or suit5.

    Buy your own sewing machine6.

    Make a DIY dress for your wedding7.

    Use the fabric of a garment to make clothing for a wedding project8.

    Get creative with fabrics in a dress9.

    Make and sell your own jewelry10.

    Buy some vintage clothes from your grandmother’s house11.

    Learn how to sew from your grandma’s sewing machine12.

    Make something with your grandmothers sewing machine13.

    Learn about sewing and sewing machine basics14.

    Take a step-by-step sewing tutorial15.

    Take your grandma to the sewing machine shop16.

    Learn sewing with your grandma17.

    Make clothing from a vintage sewing machine18.

    Buy clothes online19.

    Buy vintage clothes at your grandmas thrift store20.

    Make clothes from a sewing machine with grandma’s clothes


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