By Trisha L. Fashion designer Trisha Gaudry is a mother of two young boys.

    She loves cooking, shopping, and traveling.

    Trisha’s husband, Josh, is a firefighter.

    He was killed on the job when his car was hit by a drunk driver in 2015.

    Trish says that she and Josh had no plans to leave their home in the fall of 2016, but they realized that it was more important to get ready for their second child.

    Tristhes husband died while Trisha was getting ready for the baby.

    Trissa and Josh started Trish’s First Steps to help people with their grief.

    Trischa’s First Step was created as a way for Trish to share her journey with people who may not be as equipped to help.

    Trissia is available to give the workshop on-demand.

    If you are interested in attending Trishs First Steps, click here to register.

    To learn more about Trish, please visit her website.

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