Fashion is a tough job, but the money you spend on your outfit can make all the difference.

    But what can you do to save on your money?

    Here are some tips on saving your money on clothes and accessories.


    Get a personalised budget 2.

    Look at your style options and budget for different seasons and seasons of the year 3.

    Know your budget and look at how much money you can save with the right style 4.

    Buy clothes that fit you and look for products that fit your budget 5.

    Choose products that you like, not ones you don’t.


    Don’t wait for the right products to arrive and buy a few things before buying a lot of products.


    Look for brands and brands that offer good quality, that deliver your wardrobe in a timely fashion 8.

    Keep in mind that some of your purchases can be more expensive than others.


    Shop online 10.

    Look into buying gift cards to use at discount stores.


    Pay for your purchases online to avoid getting ripped off.


    Use a credit card to pay for your wardrobe 13.

    Shop at your local supermarket 14.

    Find an online discount store or clothing store 15.

    Buy clothing online, but be careful not to spend too much online 16.

    If you are going to go out, buy a lot online 17.

    Keep an eye on how much time you have left on your shopping list 18.

    Pay attention to the prices on your favourite brands 19.

    If it’s a budget issue, consider buying something cheaper than you would normally spend 20.

    Shop your local department store and avoid things like shoes and accessories for this season 21.

    Use your credit card for purchases from a reputable online store 22.

    Check online stores to see if you can get discounts on clothing items 23.

    Shop on a budget 24.

    Don.t forget to shop on a Sunday!


    Read up on the latest fashion trends and trends in your area and make sure you are looking at what is trending.

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