If you’re a fashionista and are searching for the perfect new pair of pants for your next fashion show, look no further than the UK’s new favourite fashion destination Dominica.

    As the country’s fourth-biggest fashion market, Dominica is a hotbed of creative activity, with a growing fashion industry and an emerging fashion scene that is constantly on the move.

    The Caribbean island has long had a reputation for producing some of the most innovative, and most innovative brands in the world, including a number of top designers.

    However, Dominicans are also home to some of Britain’s most creative and vibrant designers.

    While Dominica may not be the largest fashion market in the Caribbean, its creative vibes are evident in the likes of British designer Yvonne Lattimore and designer James Knepper.

    While the island is home to a number iconic designers, including James Knee, the man behind the iconic black leather trousers for the British brand Levi’s, Dominican fashion is equally as prolific as that of Britain.

    Below, we look at the latest trends, new designers, and the most stylish pieces from Dominica in 2016. Read more


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