TOP fashion designer and designer Arki Gebreselassie, a.k.a.

    Elle Di Mejor, recently posted a new look on Instagram which she describes as “from scratch”.

    The photo, posted on Sunday, shows a look which she says “is from a completely new perspective and not the way you can wear it in the real world”.

    “I’m not trying to be pretentious or anything,” she says in the caption.

    “I have this feeling that you’re looking at me from the inside out and I am not wearing this clothes for myself.

    I don’t have this luxury.

    I just feel like I have to put it on for you.”

    It’s not for you to wear it, I just have to show it to you.

    “Elle Di mejor is known for her designer-style clothes, but this is the first time she has taken her own style to the next level.

    The designer says she came up with the look after experiencing “horror” in her own life.”

    We had this fear that I was not good enough,” she explains.”

    My parents didn’t love me, they didn’t know what I was like.

    They were very jealous.

    They didn’t want me to get the chance to go to school and have a life.

    I was very, very lonely.

    “There was no one to turn to and I felt so alone.

    I started thinking, ‘Why can’t I be a designer?

    I could have everything I want and have the same life, but I can’t live that life and I can not be happy.'”

    It’s an insight that has resonated with the designer.

    “As soon as I realized that there was nothing for me to do and that I had to do what I love, I was really happy,” she adds.

    “And that’s what I do, I create things for other people.”

    The fashion designer says her inspiration for the look is her own experience with depression.

    “For a long time, I had no friends and my parents didn and I was alone, so it was very difficult to have friends.

    And I was having a lot of pain in my life, and I wanted to make it so I could talk to someone,” she explained.”

    That’s what inspired me, that I could create a beautiful piece of clothing and show it.”

    The designer says there is a lot to love in her work, with the way her designs are crafted.

    “Sometimes when I design something, I’ll have to look at it for maybe 10 minutes and then go back to it,” she said.

    “Then, I will try to take that out and make it something that is beautiful.

    I am always trying to do something new and new.”


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