LAS VEGAS — Fashion designer Lauren Hill is still a woman, but she says that while the world has changed, she still feels like she belongs.

    The 37-year-old has been wearing women’s clothing for nearly three decades and has worn more than 40 dresses over the years.

    She’s never stopped making her own clothes, and she’s inspired others to pursue careers in the fashion industry.

    She’s been working on her second solo collection for Fall/Winter 2017, and it features a range of clothing inspired by the lives of real people she’s lived.

    The collection, titled The New Woman, was inspired by Hill’s experience growing up with a disabled mother.

    Hill says she grew up in a small town in southern California, and her mother suffered from a neurological condition that made her unable to walk and talk.

    Her mother would get her into trouble for wearing too much clothing, which Hill says she hated, so she began working as a prostitute.

    “I wanted to be a model.

    I was never good at it,” she said.

    So, Hill set out to get into modeling when she was 13 years old.

    She began making her first fashion prints when she first graduated from high school, and the collection quickly grew to include her own signature pieces.

    Eventually, she started wearing the clothes herself.

    She started making her signature pieces for fashion shows, and they went on to become the first clothing collections she would make.

    Now, Hill is on a mission to make her own clothing line for women of all ages.

    One of the main themes of the collection is the intersection of fashion and life, and is inspired by life’s issues that have affected women.

    For example, Hill said she felt the need to share a personal story about how she has struggled with mental health issues, but was also inspired to share her own experience.

    I was born with a genetic disorder that has made it very hard to function, she said, adding that she was diagnosed at the age of 20.

    When I was born, I was diagnosed with an undiagnosed genetic disorder.

    I have always struggled with the illness.

    I never thought I’d be able to do this for the rest of my life.

    And I love the people that I work with.

    As an adult, Hill plans to continue her clothing line, but her biggest goal is to create more personal clothes.

    She said that as an artist, she likes to be able be a part of the process of creating the clothes.

    “I like to be involved in creating the designs, so I can feel how it’s going to look, what kind of fabric it’s made from, how it feels, how the clothes are made,” she explained.

    A few of the pieces are available for pre-order now.

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