Elisa Marano, a fashion designer in the US, has become a fashion icon thanks to her work.

    She is a former model, and was also the designer behind the fashion collection at the American Fashion Institute in the 1980s and 1990s.

    She was the creative director at the fashion institute and in 2000 was named one of Time magazine’s 100 most influential people.

    She went on to become a model, designer and entrepreneur.

    Now she is the creative and fashion director for a brand that is being redesigned.

    “I have the same vision that I had as a kid,” she told ABC News.

    “That’s why I’m proud to be involved with Lipstick, I believe in their design.”

    The brand will be made up of two styles, the Lipstick Girl, inspired by the look of the iconic Lipstick brand, and the Lipsticks Lady, which will feature a more playful look.

    The new Lipstick Lady will be released in June and will have a range of colors, with black, red and pink.

    Elisa said Lipstick was a good starting point because they were trying to do something that wasn’t overly expensive.

    “We wanted to be more fun and we wanted to go beyond lipstick,” she said.

    “It’s not a big thing, but we wanted something that was a bit bold and something that you could have on your lips.”

    Elisa was inspired to create the Lip Stains Collection after her friend was asked to redesign a Lipstick store at a New York City mall.

    The designer wanted to make the lipsticks look more contemporary, and said she had a few ideas that she thought would be fun for Lipstick.

    “They were the same ones that I was working on for my own brand,” she recalled.

    The designers decided to work with a lip artist, and after about five weeks of brainstorming, they came up with the idea for a collection that would be inspired by Lipstick and be affordable.

    “What we thought is the right way to do it was to make it really unique,” she explained.

    “The idea was to be like a cocktail dress.

    It would have a little bit of a dress with a little piece of lipstick on it, but it was all in black.

    And I wanted it to have a bit of style.”

    The collection will include two Lipstick shades, a pink lipstick and a dark lipstick.

    The pink lipsticks will be available in two shades, red, and a black lipstick.

    She said the Lipstains Lady will have three shades, pink, light and black.

    “If you go to a lipstick store in the States, you can get three shades of lipstick in a lipstick that’s $100,” she joked.

    “But in this country, that’s going to cost you $300.

    It’s just something that is really fun and unique.

    It feels like a party dress, but not a fancy one.”

    “It was something that I wanted to do for myself,” Elisa added.

    “Because I grew up in a very expensive country, I always thought that it would be more interesting to do a collection for myself.”

    She said Lipstain was created to be a “little bit of an experiment”.

    “There’s no way to be cool if you have to wear lipsticks,” she continued.

    “You can’t do that and it’s not the right kind of cool.”

    The Lip Stairs collection will have six different shades, with each one featuring a different design.

    Each shade has been designed by Elisa’s mother and sister.

    “When we were shopping for these lipsticks, I asked her if she thought they would look cool,” Elissa recalled.

    “She was like, ‘Absolutely.

    They look awesome!’

    It was her idea.

    And she made sure that it was done well.

    She made sure it was as natural looking as possible.

    She also made sure the design looked really good.”

    “I thought it would make a good addition to my collection because it would give me something fun and different to do,” Eliasaid.

    “There was a little more of a theme and there were also shades that I thought would look really cool and I wanted something to make people happy.”