MAKE IT A YEAR: Fashion designers carry all will make their way into the spotlight with a new collection of their design software designed to allow users to create fashion-inspired outfits in just a few clicks.

    The collection includes a collection of outfits designed by fashion designers such as Jodie Foster and Naomi Campbell, plus new works by Dita Von Teese and Hilary Duff.

    It’s a fresh approach to fashion that features all new designs designed by a team of experts who will help users create their own style, and it’ll be available on the platform from next month.

    The designers, who include Jod, Jodine Foster, Hilary and Dita, said the new collections aim to create a ‘fresh and exciting’ look.

    They say the new collection brings together the best of modern design with the best elements of the past, and aims to help people create the most beautiful, stylish and fun designs.

    The range will include outfits for men, women and children.

    The new collection includes an assortment of clothes designed for men and women and includes outfits designed for both men and children, including outfits that are available in both men’s and women’s sizes.

    The designer duo also created a collection called Make It A Year, which they say aims to make fashion look ‘fresh, innovative and fun’.

    Jodine and Jod Foster said the aim is to be the first to release a collection and that it will be ‘full of innovation and freshness’ to help users to ‘recharge’ their collections.

    They said the collection will feature an ‘all new look’, which means it will feature more vibrant colours, new designs and patterns, and be ‘a year of design innovation’.

    The collection is the latest collaboration between the designers and the fashion world, with the collection taking place alongside a new digital magazine, Make It It a Year, due to launch on January 22.

    Jodie and Jody Foster say the aim was to be first to launch a collection, and that the new digital book will help people ‘recharg’ their fashion collections, which are the focus of the collection.

    “Make It A year is our attempt to bring together the finest of fashion, design and digital design.

    We want to create the perfect year for everyone,” they said.

    The magazine, which is being released for free, will also include a new online portal where users can create and upload their own designs and designs to be featured in the digital magazine.

    The two designers also said that they would ‘bring new ideas to the table’ with the new project, including an online community for people to discuss their creations and share them with others.

    “The new Make It a year website will give users the ability to interact with and comment on the creative work of others, which will also bring the world closer to a new, creative era,” they added.

    The digital magazine will be available for download from January 22, with a limited number of the items being available at launch. 

    The two design teams have previously worked together on projects including the digital platform for the British fashion designer LVMH and the new fashion design website.

    The collaboration between Jod and JODINE Foster and Jodi Campbell, the design team behind the Make It collection, was originally launched last year.


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