New York fashion week celebrates its 60th birthday this year, with fashion houses from around the world sharing their designs and inspiration behind the designs.

    Here are a few of the highlights:Céline Couture is launching its latest collection with a look inspired by the iconic 1950s French fashion house, Céline.

    The collection will be available for pre-order starting Friday, February 13.

    The look is inspired by Célines famous “French” floral prints.

    The brand has teamed up with designer Yves Saint Laurent and LVMH to create a collection of tailored, distressed, vintage and timeless dresses.

    These will be sold exclusively on LVMHM.

    The dresses will feature a vintage, soft-touch finish and feature a traditional collar and hem.

    The fashion house is also bringing back the iconic 1930s silhouette of the “M.M. Loves” from its first collection, featuring a new silhouette for the spring collection.

    This collection also features new pieces from iconic designers including Marc Jacobs and Chanel.

    The new collection features a new look that has been inspired by LVMh’s original 1930s silhouettes.

    The designer, Yves, said, “We want to create something unique, but timeless, with this collection.”

    This is the first time that Célinet Couture has shared a look that will be offered for preorder.

    The collection will debut at the end of March.


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