A French fashion designer says the French fashion industry is in trouble and the industry is becoming a money-making machine.

    Julian Couture says the fashion industry should be focused on being creative, not making profit and he wants to bring a new style to the industry.

    The French fashion show is on.

    The next one is in three weeks.

    It will be the show where all the great designers of the world come together.

    I am really looking forward to this and to having this show on television.

    It’s very special for me because I am a French designer, I love France, I have worked in Paris for five years.

    I was really inspired by the idea of the French culture and I wanted to show that I have a good influence on the fashion world.

    I want to show a great French brand and that’s why I am very proud to be a French fashion artist.

    Julie de Joux, head of the Paris fashion design studio La Vieille Couture, said in an interview with The Sport Biblio that the French brand has a lot of talent, but that the designers do not have a strong relationship with the market.

    It is not easy to find talented French designers who are willing to go to work for the brand.

    I do not think they have the confidence to make a good salary, and I think this has made the industry in France very difficult.

    The fashion world is very fragmented.

    Some designers want to go abroad to work, while others prefer to stay in France.

    For a designer, the question is not whether he wants a job in a big fashion house, but whether he can make a profit.

    Julien Couture said he does not see any major problems in the industry and that he is not a financial expert, but he said the biggest problem in the French industry is that people do not respect the designers who work in the fashion house.

    The fashion industry has become very commercial, which has created a lot, and people do know each other.

    He added that many designers are leaving the country to make money, because the prices are too high.

    Juliette Trousseau, a designer from Paris, told The Sport Blog that it is very important for designers to understand the business model.

    They need to be creative.

    They are not really interested in making money, so they have to make their money as well.

    It could be that they have a great idea for a new fashion show, but then the designer cannot find a partner to show it, because he is too busy with his business.

    She said that the trend in the last two years is to have fashion designers at the top of the market, and this is not sustainable.


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