AUSTRALIA’S most influential designer has been recognised with the highest honour in the country.

    Key points:The top designer in the world is a man named Martin HildebrandtThe star designer was born in Denmark and studied at Melbourne’s Monash UniversityAUSTRALIAN designers are now on a quest to win the awardIt’s the crowning achievement of a decade-long, $100 million-plus project, which has also included a new generation of stars like fashion designer Alexander McQueen and actress Anna Kendrick.

    Martin Hildebrands creative output is recognised with this year’s top honourIt’s a fitting tribute to the man who inspired so many of our most iconic fashion styles.

    In 2013, Martin Hildbrandt was born to Danish parents and trained in the United Kingdom.

    He became a fashion designer at the age of 17, after his parents had the fortune to be born into the wealthy family.

    Martin is credited with creating the iconic styles of a generation of Australian fashion designers, including the designs of Gertrude Stein and Edith Wharton, among others.

    In his personal life, Hildbaldt is known for a number of projects including the Hildbrands boutique and a clothing brand called Wollongong.

    His designs have influenced fashion across the world, including an award-winning collaboration with Gisele Bundchen.

    Hildbrandts most recent work, which was featured on the cover of the October issue of Vogue, includes a collection of contemporary designs inspired by the works of artist Alexander McBride.AUSTRIA’s top designers in 2018Martin Hildbladt is the most famous Australian designer, but a number have also become household names.

    Martin’s creations are the subject of much debate and discussion in Australia.

    Some have argued he’s a master of the modern style, while others claim his design influences everything from the fashion world to contemporary art.

    Some of the top designers at the 2018 Australian Design Awards in Sydney include designer Alex Kranz, fashion designer Gisely Bundchen, and artist Antonin Artaud.

    Mr Hildsbert has won three awards, including one for his collaboration with Australian artist Antonín Artaud, and has been awarded an Australian Design Award for his work in the design of the New York Public Library.

    He was also named the first Australian designer to be awarded a design prize by the International Design Museum in 2018.

    Martin has also won the Australian Design Museum’s Designers Choice Award for the first time.

    “It’s such an honour to be recognised as one of the leading Australian designers,” Mr Hildboldt said.

    “I was very proud to be part of the first award, to be one of many to win one, because we have an amazing, innovative and innovative generation of young Australians.”

    Martin Hålfbald has won the prestigious Australian Design Design Award three timesThe Australian Design Institute (ADI) awards the ADI Designers’ Choice Award.ADI is an organisation set up to promote and develop the Australian fashion design industry and is a recognised, leading professional organisation of designers and designers in Australia and the world.

    Martin won the ADIs first DesignersChoice Award in 2013, for his collaborations with Gerti Bergdahl and Julian Assange.

    He also won a second Designers choice award in 2017, for the collection of New York City streetwear designer and artist Alexander Macomber.

    In 2018, ADI also named Mr Hålbrandt the most powerful Australian designer.

    This year, the ADL named Martin the most significant Australian designer since its inaugural recognition in 2004.

    The ADL awarded Martin the ADs top Designerschoice award for his collaborative work with designer Alexander Macamid.

    In 2017, ADL also named Alexander Maconbald, the founder of the AD Institute, the world’s largest independent design and advertising industry association, the most prominent Australian designer in 2017.

    “In 2017 I won the highest award in the AD I was one of 10 Australians to be named the AD’s most influential person in 2017,” Martin said.ADIs senior director for Australia and New Zealand, Matthew Green, said Martin Håldbrands work was “a real eye opener”.

    “The world has changed dramatically since Martin Hildabrandt and his work came out of the woodwork in the late 1950s and early 1960s.”

    That’s a time when the art and the craft of fashion were at the forefront and people had a real interest in design,” he said.

    Martin said he was inspired to design by the way people dressed and the way they looked.”

    The people I work with are not only the best of us, but they’re the best people on earth.

    “They’re the people who are able to understand what we’re trying to do and that’s how I see the world.”