Casual Way to Wear the Ruffle Sweater Trend


Its officially the day after Valentine’s day which means all the chocolate is on sale! Heading to Target tomorrow to pick up a box for myself. What’s also on sale this week is this adorable ruffle sweater top. Im not gonna lie I was super hesitant about this sweater, it looked so cute on the hanger but I wasn’t sure if I could pull it off. But I was surprisingly wrong the sleeves aren’t overwhelming!. I found this sweater in[Read more]

How to style a gray sweater


  Its 6:00 pm Wednesday night and my boyfriend says he misses me. So naturally I did what any rational person would and drove 5 hours to Ohio to go see him. I had work off the next day and a night shift the following day so I thought, why not be adventurous? This was my first time going on a spontaneous drive and my first time going as far north as Ohio. When I got to Ohio it was[Read more]