Valentine Gift Guide for Her


Its less than a week until Valentines Day! This is such a fun holiday because even if you are single you can still celebrate Galentines Day with your best girlfriends. These gifts are perfect for any of your besties (or to treat yo self). “Tacos are my valentine” how cute would this be to get margaritas in? And these pink Mules are under $30! If you still need ideas for your boyfriend however check out my gift guide for him.  [Read more]

Valentines Day Gift Guide For Him


I was looking for Valentines Day gift ideas a few weeks ago for my boyfriend and I stumbled upon the cutest idea on Pinterest. The idea is you get him five small gifts that represent each of senses. So for Taste you could get him tasty gummy candy fish and for Touch you could give him a super cozy sherpa flannel blanket. I gave this blanket to my boyfriend for a chirstmas gift in red and he LOVES it. For smell you[Read more]

Valentines Day Outfit Inspiration

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    Valentines Day is just a week away! This time of year is my favorite because not only is this next week all about showing that special someone how much you adore them but its also 4 days before my birthday! Growing up I always loved having my birthday and Valentines Day so close together. With the classroom valentine exchange it was like having two parties in one week! However now that I older and have a real valentine,[Read more]