The fashion designers who are making the first daughter Ivanka Trump’s life-sized dolls are all women of color.

    From the Brooklyn-based M.O.A.S.H. to the French-born Mireille Ritz-Carlton, Ivanka’s dolls are mostly made of non-traditional dolls, such as dolls with hair, dresses, and makeup.

    Ivanka’s latest doll, “Little Miss USA,” was made by Mirellina Ritz.

    Her sister, the designer Mirella Ritz, has also been making dolls with color since 2013, and she has a doll made for the First Daughter.

    Mirelina Rizzo was a designer at Mirelli & Rizzoli in New York, and her doll, Mirelia, was made in 2014 by Ritz and her husband, Rolfe, in Italy.

    The dolls for Mireli and Rolfi’s collections are meant to be used for “beautiful, playful” performances and to be shared with the public.

    But their creations are also meant to show a particular point of view.

    M.L. Loeffler, who worked for M.R.I.R., a luxury clothing and accessory brand in Paris, said in a statement, “My dolls reflect the values and ideals that make Mirelene and Ritz so special.”

    “I am very proud of the diversity of my dolls, including the fact that all of my models are women of colour, of both genders, and all ethnicities.”

    Ivanka Trump herself has worked with Mirela Ritz on dolls for her father.

    “Mirela’s dolls reflect her love for life, her sense of humor and her strong sense of purpose,” Mirelo Ritz said in an email to The New York Times.

    “As a fashion designer, I want to celebrate this diversity, which makes me feel privileged and proud to be able to share my vision with everyone.”

    While many fashion designers make dolls with the same basic style, M. L. Loeser, the fashion designer who is making Ivanka Trump her personal fashion line, has created dolls specifically for her daughter.

    “My mission is to give girls the opportunity to be themselves, not only with dolls but with the world,” M. Liseler said in her statement.

    “And I am proud to say that I have been working with M. Ivanka to create dolls that will give girls that opportunity.”

    Ivanka and her father are also making dolls of their own.

    Ivanka has a line of dolls that look like dolls from her mother’s fashion line that she is creating.

    The company has released dolls with her name, her birth date, and an avatar of her father Donald Trump.

    The products range in price from $39 to $1,200.

    Ivanka and Donald Trump have been in contact with Mimi Lee, the founder of Mireelli, to create the Ivanka Trump Dolls line, a spokesperson for the brand said.

    The line will feature “dolls made by women of all races, ethnicities, and sexual orientations.”

    Mimi is a Nigerian-American artist and the founder and director of Mimi &amp