The fashion designer scholarship fund, also known as the Fashion Design Scholarship Fund, is now officially on the up and up.

    And while it hasn’t always been this way, it’s finally finally getting to where it needs to be.

    The Fashion Design Scholarships Fund is now worth more than $1.4 billion, with the first batch of funds now being awarded.

    The fund is one of the largest in the country, and it’s been growing steadily over the past decade, thanks in part to a handful of well-known designers who made their name in the fashion industry and their fans.

    And with a few notable names like Yves Saint Laurent and Tommy Hilfiger making their mark in the industry, it appears as if the fashion designer scholarships are on the rise.

    “The FDSF has grown significantly over the last decade, with an impressive amount of talent in our program,” said Stephanie Beals, president and CEO of the Fashion Designer Scholarships Foundation.

    “It’s been a long time coming and we’re excited to be able to continue the work of helping talented designers and students get the chance to go to college and create their future careers.”

    In total, there are now more than 30,000 fashion designers in the program, with more than 40,000 students graduating each year.

    They receive financial support for their education in scholarships, tuition, and living expenses.

    In addition to a $1,000 scholarship, the scholarship program awards scholarships totaling up to $10,000 to students who are graduating from high school in the U.S.

    Awarding the first $1 million in the FDSLF will go to a new class of 25 students each year, with $10 million being dedicated to a second class of students.

    Students will receive a $5,000 award and will have the option to earn $1 or $2,000 of scholarships per year.

    The remaining $1 to $2 million will go toward an additional class of 10 students each term, with a total of $25,000 awarded annually.

    This year’s class will include designers from around the world and will be headed by former model Lauren Alaina, who recently joined the Fashion Commissioning Company to oversee the FDF.

    She’s been working as a fashion designer since she was 16 years old, and her goal is to launch a second fashion scholarship program, which is a major step for a young girl from the U to get involved in the business.

    “I want to help girls like Lauren Alina, who are trying to break into the fashion business and making a name for themselves, to get the financial support and help that they need,” said Beals.

    “I know there are so many talented designers that we want to be part of this.

    Lauren is a big part of it, and I know she’ll be a great ambassador for the program.”

    If you or someone you know needs a fashion scholarship, contact the FDLF at 1-800-FDSF.

    The foundation is also on Facebook at, and you can follow them on Instagram @FDSFLFoundation.


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