This is a list of the best new fashion designers of 2018, as chosen by readers of Ars Technia.

    In alphabetical order, they’re listed with their official website (including their Twitter feeds), their official Facebook pages, and their official Instagram accounts.

    We’ll be updating this list over the next few weeks, as new designers enter the scene, so be sure to keep an eye out for the latest!

    The best fashion designers on the planet are everywhere, and that includes in your inbox, in your email, and even in your Twitter feed.

    These are the best fashion designer of 2018.1.

    Kat Von D: A$AP Rocky, Nasty Gal,Dirty Projectors,Fenty Beauty,Dazed & Confused,Lil BKat Von D’s work is often thought of as a bit of an underappreciated artist.

    Her work has a sensibility and style that isn’t typically associated with designers, and her style is sometimes described as “cool.”

    Kat Von Dal has worked in a number of different media over the years, from fashion design to photography, and has become an icon for her style.

    She’s collaborated with some of the biggest names in fashion, including Nastygal, Lil B, and B.o.

    B, among others.2.

    Lauren Conrad: Stella McCartney,Lily Allen,Lush,Lumiere,Bachelorette,Drake Lauren Conrad is the most recent in a long line of fashion designers who have worked with the likes of Dolly Parton, Alessandra Ambrosio, and more.

    She was the founder of the label Stella McCartney and has worked with both Bachelorettes and NastyGal.

    She is a frequent collaborator with the iconic model.3.

    Lauren Jauregui: Dolce & Gabbana,T-shirt designer,Tatiana Baranova,Dolce & Gabbanas,Puma,Lululemon,Bridal Hologram Lauren Jaurygui’s work has often been seen as a “cool” or “feminine” fashion design, but she’s also been known to collaborate with some high-profile fashion designers.

    She started out as a designer of T-shirts, but has since expanded her line to include apparel and accessories.4.

    Nelly: Fendi,L’Oreal,Nivea,Bouquets,Dollars,Dress &amp.


    N&C,Lion Brand,Coconut Oil,Mushrooms,HaircareNelly’s work seems to be all about minimalism, but that doesn’t mean her clothing isn’t gorgeous.

    Her clothing is mostly just simple pieces, which is a style that works best for her.5.

    Yolanda Rose: Burberry,Aeropostale,Lace,Sewnwear,Poseidon Yolandra Rose has been working in the world of fashion for nearly a decade.

    She currently works as the creative director at Burberry’s luxury fashion brand, A&amp.

    M, but also owns her own boutique, which sells high-end designer goods, as well as luxury shoes and jewelry.6.

    Kate Moss: Ralph Lauren,Danielson,Vintage,Hangover,Bustin Kate Moss is known for her gorgeous looks, but her personal style is also known for being the most modern of any woman in the industry.

    Her personal style tends to be less about fashion and more about being her authentic self.

    She also has a reputation for her ability to make beautiful, minimal pieces, but even her clothing is more than just beautiful.7.

    Adriana Lima: Dior,Coty,Claire Fonda,Dior,Lime,Livestock Adrianna Lima is a French designer whose work has been lauded for its minimalism and minimalism’s.

    Her collection is made up of clothing that looks like it was created in a single day.8.

    Yoko Ono: Louis Vuitton,Pixart,Slim-Fit,Vibrant,Velvet Yoko’s collection is an homage to the past, but it also celebrates the future.

    Her latest collection is called Slim Fit, and it’s meant to be a wearable piece that looks fantastic on the beach.9.

    Tessa J. Banks: Fylde,Diesel,Honey &amp ;Veg,Suit &amp .

    Banks’ style has always been a mix of classic and contemporary, but these days, her collections are more geared toward the former.

    She often takes inspiration from pop culture icons, and she also designs clothing that is not only elegant, but functional.10.

    Yvonne Craig: L’Oréal,Glamour,L.E.L.F.,L.A.G


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