By GALIAN PONZARITCH The U.S. president, the first lady, the vice president, and several others attended the launch of the “Gang Of Four” campaign, a campaign that has become a defining political issue for the White House.

    The “Gangs of Four” are the four senior officials, including Vice President Joe Biden, who have come out as gay, who together with a few others have formed a group called “We Are Change.”

    Biden, a Democrat, has said he is committed to fighting for same-sex marriage.

    The issue is particularly important to the White Senate in the Senate.

    Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) is one of the few Republicans in the chamber who oppose same-side marriage, and he is considered to be close to President Joe Trump.

    He is likely to be one of Trump’s most powerful allies.

    Biden and McConnell are both Democrats, but many Republicans view them as part of a GOP establishment that has turned its back on LGBT rights.

    The president and vice president have not come out publicly, but several members of the Trump administration have been supportive of same-side marriage.

    In December, Trump praised the “gang” of four.

    He said that the group is doing a great job and that they are doing a really good job of bringing about change in Washington, and that’s a big reason why I am doing this.

    And I think they’ve got a great plan.

    And that’s why we’re going to be in the White Houses office and the White house.

    He added that he believes in the need for people of good character to come out of the closet.

    This week, the “Four” met with Trump for the first time, and they also discussed the “Cure” drug, which has been shown to help people with HIV, and their views on gay rights and their own personal experiences.

    They also discussed how to help veterans, and the group also discussed their upcoming trip to China, where they will be traveling to China.

    “We’re all going to do something together to fight HIV,” said the group’s chief strategist, Matthew Miller.

    Miller said the “gangs” of 4 are also working to fight the opioid epidemic.

    The drug is a potent and deadly narcotic that has been linked to more than 4,300 deaths worldwide since 2014, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

    The U., a country that has a long history of anti-LGBT discrimination, was not immediately available for comment.

    Trump’s statement came after his son Eric, who is a White House official, spoke out against President Obama’s policies on gay marriage and transgender rights.

    “This is not a time for political correctness.

    We must fight these battles, and we must never stop fighting them,” Eric Trump, president of the Eric Trump Foundation, said in a statement released Monday.

    “The president is standing with his son and other courageous leaders in our country who are fighting this fight and are fighting it very hard.”

    On Monday, the president’s spokeswoman said in an email that Trump is not against same-gender marriage, but he supports equal rights for LGBT people.

    She added that Trump supports equal pay and has said that he wants to protect the right to marry, which he called “the ultimate American dream.”

    The president’s daughter Ivanka, who also serves on the president of his foundation, is also an outspoken advocate of equal rights.

    In April, she said that she supports transgender people who have had gender reassignment surgery, but she opposes same-sepia surgeries, a practice that involves making the genitals of transgender people invisible to others.

    In addition, she has spoken out against anti-trans discrimination, including against transgender students in the school district in California.


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