A group of fashion experts has been compiling and ranking the best and worst designers of all time, and today they released their rankings.

    The Lad’s “Best to Worst” poll looks at the styles of the past year in terms of their influence on the fashion landscape, and it looks at what fashion trends are being championed and what designers are working to fix them.

    The poll is based on an analysis of over 1,000 designers’ work, and features images from each designer’s Instagram account.

    The rankings are based on the results of this poll, with the top three designs getting five votes each, and the other two getting three.

    So how do these designers stack up?

    Let’s take a look at what they have to say about their work.1.

    FABRIC BY DESIGNER LIVINGSTYLE (REVIEWS: Temptress, L’Oréal)LivingStyle’s “The Best of Fashion” collection is definitely a trendsetter in terms the amount of new and interesting styles they are bringing to the fashion world.

    This collection is so much more than just a bunch of classic designs; they are also creating new styles that are a bit more modern, modern yet contemporary.

    LivingStyle’s style has always been one that appeals to a younger demographic, which is why the collection is always so successful.

    The collection includes items that look modern yet still make a statement, such as the “L’Orèal Ballet”, which is a classic look for any modern woman.

    LivingStyle also makes great jewelry and fashion accessories, which can also be seen in this collection.

    The LivingStyle Collection has an eclectic look that is very well-received and is a good entry point into LivingStyle fashion.2.

    FADER FIT (REJECTED BY THE POP: A-List)Fader Fit has always made bold and boldy styled clothes that appeal to the A-list, which makes it a great addition to the list.

    It is very fashionable and fashionable, which means that it has a lot of appeal to all genders and looks.

    A lot of the pieces that are part of Fader Fit have a bold and masculine style, and this collection features pieces that have a feminine feel.3.

    MELODIA (REQUESTED BY MANUFACTURER MANUEL: H&M)The “H&M New Fall Fall Collection” is definitely one of the most popular collections in the collection, and is definitely an inspiration for many designers.

    It features an interesting and bold new twist on the traditional styles of men’s and women’s casual wear, and also has a collection of pieces that is designed for men, women and children.

    Mello’s collection is very much in the tradition of the styles that men are accustomed to, and has always had a feminine touch to it.4.

    JESSICA (REVIVED BY MAC: L’Oreal)Jessica’s “Cult of Love” collection was inspired by the look of the cult film “Love Is Magic”.

    This collection features women’s wear, as well as men’s wear.

    The collections look very modern yet feminine, which has a timeless feel to it, and a lot is made up of pieces which are designed to evoke that feeling.5.

    MARIANA (REVISED BY L’ORÉAL: Vogue)L’Olivette is a very different brand from its previous collections.

    While the previous collection has had a masculine look, this new collection has a very feminine feel, and focuses on fashion for women.

    This new collection is a great entry point for the L’Occitane range, as it features the iconic dresses, and accessories that L’ Oréal has always designed.6.

    HONEYWELL (REVIED BY COOLHOL: FASHION DRESSES)Another designer that is often overlooked in the fashion rankings is Honeywell.

    This is not a new designer, and Honeywell has always taken the modern design trend of women’s and men’s clothing, and turned it into something that appeals specifically to men.

    This includes their iconic “Lemon-Lavender” and “Honeywell” collections, as the designer has always worked with feminine and feminine-inspired pieces.7.

    JOYCE (REQUIRED BY MAC TO CREATE A MOST POPULAR COLLECTION): MAC has always done an amazing job with their collections, and with the launch of their latest collection, “Macros”, the designer is continuing to make their collections pop.

    This particular collection is an all-out fashion statement, and I really love how the designers have taken their classic style and turned them into something more contemporary.8.

    SHANNA (REVERSED BY BARE: ELLE): Shanna has always tried to find a way to combine classic styles with modern technology, and these new collections are a great example of that.

    Shanna is also a designer


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