The name “Barbie” means “girl”. 

    Barbie is a popular clothing brand, with more than 100 million dolls sold worldwide in 2016. 

    The term refers to a female character in a children’s toy series. 

    But the term has also been used to refer to a group of young women in the 1970s and 1980s, including Betty Boop, who became the first female Barbie in 1983. 

    Betsy, known as “Baby Boop”, was a character in the 1980s television series The Real World, which was created by Jerry Seinfeld and Michael Richards. 

    Barney, known by the title of the original cartoon character, is an American TV character who appeared in the series The Flintstones, created by Stan Lee and drawn by Roger Stern.

    Barbie’s creator, Jerry Seger, is known for creating a series of cartoon characters called “Barbies” that were popular with children in the 1950s. 

    In the 1950, Seger created “Baby Barbie”, who was described as a “lady, blonde, with an oval face and a white, round head”. 

    In 1954, Segers daughter, Nancy, also created a series called “Bees” that was similar to Baby Barbie. 

    Segal is credited with coining the term “Barby” in 1954. 

    Baby Boops character was later changed to “Bubba” and Boop’s character was renamed “Boop”. 

    The character became known as Boop because Boop was popular in the 1960s.

    Boop’s appearance changed in 1978, when the character was re-imagined as a girl.