Fashion designer and fashion blogger Astrid Gudelius, whose fashion empire has sold more than 50 million pieces worldwide, has found a way to keep her fashion looks simple and fashionable by choosing to wear a minimal wardrobe.

    Astrid, who recently unveiled her new collection, said her decision to wear the same look for more than a decade was based on personal preference and style.

    “I don’t feel like I’m missing out on anything, I have to say.

    I’m a minimalist, I don’t like any of the big things,” Astrids fashion director told News24.

    Astraid said the minimalist look is what she is happiest with.

    “In my personal life, I think the look I have always worn has always been a minimalist.

    It’s been a little bit of a throwback,” she said.

    A simple lookAstrids collection of three styles for men, women and children are based on simple ideas, according to Astrida.

    “If you think about a minimalist wardrobe, you could just go down to your local department store and buy a box of these jeans and wear them every day,” she told News 24.

    “They’re really cheap and easy to wear.”

    Astraids collection has been inspired by women who want to make the most of their limited clothing resources and use it to create their own unique style.

    Astraides collections are currently available in a range of colours and styles, ranging from grey denim jeans to black and red denim.

    “There are a lot of women who are trying to create a very simple style, a minimalist look.

    They want to create something that’s really unique and very feminine, very stylish,” she added.”

    And that’s what we’re doing with our collection.

    We’ve tried to create simple, clean, stylish, and comfortable clothes that you could wear all day.”

    Astrida said she wanted to keep things simple.

    “We wanted to take this look and say ‘Here are these basics that we’re going to wear everyday,'” she said, explaining the idea behind the collection.

    “It’s very minimalist, very simple, very practical.”

    A woman’s wardrobeAstridella has been influenced by the classic look of the Victorian era, and has made her collections based on timeless styles.

    But there are a few things that Astridellas style has taken from her past.

    “[My favourite thing is] the wardrobe that my mother had when she was a woman.

    Her wardrobe was very simple,” she explained.”

    She was a very well-built woman, very fit, and very comfortable.

    So that was my favourite thing.”

    A Straits collection of four colours and three styles are based around the classic silhouette of a Victorian dress.

    “A lot of the styles that I love are based off the classic Victorian style.

    I think it’s something that you can really go for and create your own style,” Astraides said.”

    You can get into the classics and get your style.

    So it’s a great way to go for a simple wardrobe.”

    A straits collection includes a simple dress in grey denim, a grey denim dress in navy, black and white, and a grey cotton dress in red and black.

    “As far as the classic, I love everything about it.

    I love the colours, the fabrics, the design.

    Everything is just so simple and very modern,” she concluded.

    The Straits collections are available in sizes from 6 to 12.

    For more information on Astrides fashion collection visit

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